Game 6 NLCS

MookI really want to stay up for the entire game tonight…so I’m live-blogging.  I’ve been falling asleep come the 8th or 9th inning and this is a game I want to see the end of.  So I’ll be ‘talking to myself’ for the night (as long as I can last) and putting up with all the videos of the 1986 Game 6 – join me if you like!

The opening to the Fox broadcast had at least two shots of firemen and one of policemen in the New York montage.  A little heart-string tugging there, eh Fox?

Ah, already a Bill Buckner circa 1986 sighting.  Might be a long night for that.

Redgreen8:20 – David Eckstein is playing even though, if you believe Zelasko and Kennedy, he’s being held together with duct tape tonight.

8:21 – Which, apparently, doesn’t help since he’s out.

8:23 – Hey, Scott Spiezio has another hit!  Not bad for a guy who wasn’t supposed to be starting, eh?

8:24 – Are the Mets fans yelling "Pujols ****?".  Funny, I didn’t hear any ‘David Wright ****" chants in St Louis.  Stay classy, New York.

8:26 – Pujols **** so much that he has a double single (taking second on the throw).

Owhehitme 8:29 – Juan Encarnacion says "OW!!!" and takes first base to load the bases for Scott Rolen.

8:30 – Do Mets fans like their pitching coach?  He seems like a nice guy in all the interviews he’s had to do.

8:32 – Tim McCarver has been kind of quite this inning.  He must be saving it up.

8:33 – Scott Rolen shows why LaRussa doesn’t want him in the lineup…no score going to the bottom of the 1st.

8:36 – Well that’s a good way to get the fans in the game.  1-0 Mets on a Jose Reyes homerun.  Good Lord the music at Shea is as loud as it is at Yankee Stadium.  Are most New Yorkers deaf?

8:38 – Have to admit, the shot of Reyes in the dugout with that mile-wide grin is absolutely adorable.

Yah8:39 – "We go back to the way the night started for the Mets", says Joe Buck as they show the Reyes homerun again.  Yeah, Joe, ALL the way back to three minutes ago.

8:41 – Carpenter has a 1-2-3 inning.  After, you know, giving up a homerun.

8:49 – Wireless went down again.  Will probably happen on and off all night.  Quick question.  The Mets fans know that if their team loses tonight they’re done, right?  I don’t get it.  Why are they being so quiet?  They were pretty darned loud for the homerun and they booed LaRussa when he came out to question the count…but aside from that, they aren’t making much noise tonight.

8:52 – Still 1-0 Mets in the bottom of the second.  32 minutes to not be through the second inning?  Oh…it’s going to be a long night.

8:53 – David Wright is, as Joe Buck tells us,  now 2 out of 18 in the NLCS.

9:02 – Grrr…wireless is choppy again.  I hate Comcast sometimes.  Might be interruptions in my blogging because of it.

Bonds 9:03 – HEY Albert Pujols **** so much they just intentionally walked him!  (Oh and Eckstein stole second to set that up.)

9:04 – Cards on first and third with two outs and Juan Encarnacion up.

9:06 – Very sweet strikeout to end the inning.  1-0 Mets at the end of 2.

9:15 – I hate the internet tonight.  Or maybe just  my internet service.  Hey, folks didn’t want to actually SEE Endy Chavez bunt for the hit did they?  It was much more important we saw those Fox commercials again.

9:16 – After hearing "Volare" Tim McCarver said "Pizza anyone?".  So it’s all right to invoke the stereotype toward Italians at Fox?  I mean, as long as we know the rules.

9:17 – Carpenter has two outs and Molina just threw the ball into centerfield to put Reyes on second.  Nice work there.  Belliard and Reyes say "hello" to each other.  LoDuca is out, score still 1-0 at the end of 3.

9:22 – For someone who wants to show that he can contribute to the team, Rolen is doing an odd job of selling himself.

9:24 – Maine strikes out Belliard.  He doesn’t look terrible out there.

9:25 – Maine walks Molina with two outs which brings up Carpenter (who just made out 3).  Buck and McCarver both remarked about how it was a ‘bad walk’.  How so?  He walked the catcher to bring up the pitcher who quickly made out number 3.  Wasn’t like he walked the guy in front of Pujols.  I don’t get it.  1-0 Mets going into the bottom of the fourth.

9:31 – Carpenter has one out and one on.   Joe Buck says that Delgado couldn’t hit it any harder (it landed in Jim Edmonds’ glove).  I don’t know, Joe.  If he hit it harder it would have, you know, been a homerun.

9:32 – Oh goody.  David Wright is up.  When does the bashing begin, Fox?

9:32b – Not this inning since Wright just got his 3rd hit of the NLCS.

9:33 – Green gets a base hit and Beltran scores, apparently waking up the Mets fans.

9:34 – Two on, one out and Mr. Valentin up to bat. 

9:35 – That was quick.  Two outs.

9:36 – Endy is up.  Joe points out that he had a bunt single his first at-bat.  You all remember that, don’t you?  No?  Were you watching the 82nd promo for "Prison Break" too?

9:36 – Endy makes out #3.  Mets are up 2-0 at the end of 4.

9:42 – Maine has two quck outs with Pujols up.  And out.  Nice inning, John.  Still 2-0 Mets.

9:46 – Maine is batting, Willie knows when to stick with a good thing.  McCarver says he’s given the Mets "more than they wanted" tonight.  I’m sure he meant "more than they expected" but you can’t expect a guy who gets paid to speak to actually pay attention to the words he uses. 

9:47 – Maine is out, Reyes gets a base hit.

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