Oakland, Mets and Cardinals are 2-0.  Yep, Oakland is beating the team with the batting champ and possible Cy Young and MVP.  The Cardinals, with their end of the season nosedive and the Mets with their post-season pitching issues are also 2-0.  Glavine pitched SIX scoreless innings last night.  Guy is 128 years old!  I’ll tell you what, I’m not rooting for the Mets, but it was very cool to see Glavine do so well last night.

I AM rooting for the Cardinals.  (Hey, who’d have thought Jeff Weaver would 3 hit the Padres???)  Unfortunately, I’m also rooting for the Twins.  What are you going to do, huh?   Even so, these games have been fun to watch.

Well, ‘watch’ is a bit of an exaggeration.  Because ESPN and Fox think people only want to see the Mets and the Yankees play, all of the other games have been on while I was at work, so I’ve had to rely on GameDay and mostly other people’s updates of what is going on.  Someone needs to explain to me how there ISN’T a bias TOWARD New York over at Fox and ESPN.  Has it occurred to them that folks would like to see other teams play?  I realize what a huge market New York is, but the bias is absolutely staggering and it’s terrible that MLB allows it.  For crying out loud, the night of the rain out at Yankee Stadium, Morgan and Miller barely mentioned the Tigers at all.  It was terribly handled.

Oh, and I’d like to ask Joe Morgan how ‘probably the best team EVER in baseball’ just lost to the Tigers.  Guess it had something to do with ARod going down looking with the bases loaded and Johnny Damon not being able to deliver in ‘the clutch’ with a man on and two out in the ninth.  So sad.

As and Twins tonight…oh, my mistake, As and Twins at 4pm.  And if their series goes to 5 games…every game is on at 4pm.  Yankees and Tigers, if their series goes the 5 games, are on tonight at 8pm, Saturday at 4pm (they get Fox while Oakland and Minnesota get stuck on "FX") and Sunday at 7:30pm.

Well, if the Dodgers can get their act together and the Tigers can capitalize on yesterday…I won’t have to be bothered by ESPN’s and Fox’s obvious bias.  And it will be sweet knowing how miserable Fox will be without their beloved "Subway Series".

I finally understand the need for those Tommy Lasorda commercials.  Because, if Fox DOES get their wish and it’s another all New York World Series, no one outside the New York area will be watching.

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