Shame on MLB.com and shame on the Yankees.

Here’s a post from another blog.  I found it because it came up on my stat counter for the K Cancer site.

I’m not really sure how I missed this before, but let me echo Chris’ statement:

MLB.com and the New York Yankees are sanctioning a t-shirt slamming the Red Sox, with a GRAVESTONE on it…while Jon Lester is fighting for his life.

It’s enough to make me want to cancel my account and any association with MLB.com.  It’s disgusting and repulsive and any Yankees fan who actually buys this shirt should be thoroughly ashamed.

I’d like to hear someone from MLB.com or the Yankees defend this.  I really would.

(Edited to add that after looking up the shirt, I see it is ‘backordered’.  So, you’re telling me so many people ordered the damn thing that it is on ‘backorder’.  Nice.)

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