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TrotstworunsagainstyanksJeez, if the "mighty" Yankees can’t beat the ‘lowly’ Red Sox, what hope is there for them in the playoffs?  🙂

I had a few wishes for this weekend.  I wanted the Red Sox to ‘win more than lose’.  I wanted the ‘kids’ to do well.  I wanted Mike Timlin to get some more games under his belt and pitch effectively.  I wanted Derek Jeter’s bogus hitting streak put to an end.

Someone up there was liking me this weekend.  I can’t complain.

Many comments about how Sox fans have to grasp at straws and how Red Sox players will be playing golf while the Yankees are in the playoffs.  It’s amazing that Yankees fans still come by this blog.  I mean, the Sox are no threat, right?  It shouldn’t matter what one fan of them has to say about anything, right?  Besides, it isn’t as if I haven’t made my feelings known.  That just because the Sox are basically out of it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be following the team.  It’s just more proof to me that 2004 really did affect BOTH fan bases.  Red Sox fans just aren’t afraid of the Yankees any more.  Heck, ESPN showed the numbers and, head to head, the Sox and Yanks have been right in it with each other.  Save for some bad play by the Sox in August (which, the Yanks had theirs earlier in the year) this could be a different September.  The fact that it ISN’T.  The fact that the Yankees are going to the playoffs and, barring some miracle, the Sox aren’t, doesn’t sting like it used to.  Bad roll of the dice…not any monumental kind of dominance like used to exist before 2003.

But Yankees fans, well ever since 2004, there’s much less swagger.  Even the folks who still have swagger seem to temper it.  Kind of a ‘well you guys STILL ****" instead of focusing on their own team.  It’s fun to watch.  It’ll be more fun to watch when the  Yankees don’t make it out of the ALDS.

One thing to mention about tonight’s game in the name of fairness, since I’ve complained when it has happened the other way – I thought whateverhisnameis at first touched the base before Crisp got there.  Now, Jon Miller claims the ump made the right call.  But Jon Miller also kept calling Javier Lopez, "Myers" and mentioned more than once that "David" Wright pitched for the Yankees yesterday.  He also blamed Cano for a bad throw when Cano was dh’ing and he called Trot Nixon’s two-run homerun, a THREE-run homerun.  Point being, he wasn’t exactly on his game tonight…so just because he thought Coco looked safe, doesn’t mean I was buying it.  Maybe I need new glasses (a distinct possibility), but he looked out to me.

No matter  now.  Sox took 3 out of 4 (and two on national television, which, I’m sure, pissed off Fox and ESPN.  "How can we talk about how awful the Red Sox are and how great the Yankees are if the Yankees can’t BEAT them?"), everyone looked like they were playing to win…it was a fun weekend of baseball.

I have a ticket to Tuesday night’s game (going to see Wakefield for possibly the last time this season – yay!  Yay!  For my getting to see Wake, not for it being for possibly the last time this year.) and then have tickets to 3 more games (including the final game at Fenway)!  I’m still excited about these games – try as some might to make me feel stupid about that.  I don’t.  I love this team, I love this game and I’m rooting for them until the last pitch is thrown!

Have a great night folks (heck, it’s after midnight!  Have a great DAY, folks!).

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