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Okay, so unable to top the year they used "Who Let the Dogs Out"…the Mets rip off the Red Sox by playing "Sweet Caroline".  No big deal.  But they play it at the same time as Fenway does too (middle of the 8th).  I mean, for crying out loud, could they TRY to be a little more original?  (Although, I do congratulate them for clinching the NL East title tonight – I’m glad they did it at Shea.  The fans deserve to see it.  The real fans do, anyway.)

Nice quote in the New York Post by Jason Varitek (thanks to Mrs MLB for finding it!) in response to someone asking him about preventing the Yankees from clinching the division in front of the Red Sox:

"Who gives a [bleep]?" Varitek said after the Red Sox beat the Yankees 6-3 in the opener. "Excuse my language, but we’re not worried about what they’re doing. We’re still thinking about what we can do."

Now, say what you will…but this is the attitude we need.  Here’s the rest of what he said:

"There’s still two weeks left in the season, and a lot of crazy stuff can happen," Varitek said.

"Crazy" like erasing an 71/2-game deficit in 12 games?

"You can never count us out," Varitek said.

I know it’s next to impossible that the Red Sox are going to get into the playoffs…but if our team captain has this attitude, there’s a real possibility that the entire team does.  Based on the way they’ve been playing, I’d say it’s a definite possibility that they share Tek’s attitude.  I’m so proud of Tek.

More reasons to be proud of Jason (thanks to Tiffany for the heads up!):

Jason Varitek will be honored for becoming the first catcher in Red Sox history to catch 1,000 games during a pre-game ceremony on Tuesday, September 19, when Boston opens a three-game series with the Minnesota Twins at 7:05 p.m.

Varitek will also receive on Tuesday night the 2006 Red Sox Heart and Hustle Award from the local chapter of the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association. The honor is presents to a player who exemplifies the values, tradition, and spirit of the game of baseball. A national winner will be selected from the individual club honorees later this year.

I’m going to the game tomorrow night.  Hoping for the trifecta:  Seeing Wake pitch a great game, being there for Big Papi’s 50th homerun and watching Jason receive his awards!

Michael Kay just congratulated the Mets on clinching the title.  Sounds like he’s terribly excited at the prospect of a ‘Subway Series".  If God likes baseball fans even a little bit (or if he likes Fox Sports) this won’t happen. 

Speaking of the Yankees, I missed it but, apparently, Johnny Damon got booted from the game.  How the heck did that happen?  I can say a lot of negative things about Johnny, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do something worth getting thrown out of a game.  He must have used one of those ‘trigger’ words, eh?

Another plug for the Jon Lester t-shirts.  The response has been great and I’m hoping to keep it going.  I think it’s worth noting that about 1/2 of the requests I’ve received for shirts have come from outside the New England area.Well

Well, at least my dad will be happy.  His
National League team clinched.  He’s a big Willie Randolph fan (as a
manager, anyway) and he wanted Willie to do well.  So, he got his wish.

Edited to add…I got to see the White Sox make that triple play.  Regardless of how I feel about that team – a pretty cool thing to get to see!  Good job, fellas.

YES just showed a piece of the Mets celebration and my first thought is "they should be careful, they don’t want to hurt themselves for the playoffs".  I’m an old lady sometimes, I know.  🙂

(Edited again to add one more thing…"Extra Innings" is staying on the air to show us the Mets locker room stuff…that’s actually pretty cool as well.)

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