Fenway today!

JonlAnd, yes, regardless of how the team is playing, I’m excited to be going.  I only have tickets to 2 more games after today (although I’ll probably try to get tickets for at least one more) but when the season winds down, it makes me sad that I won’t be seeing Fenway until the Spring.  So for many different reasons, today will be special.

But the most special part of today will be showing Jon Lester our support!  I know there will be folks sprinkled all through the park with their Lester shirts on, their signs up and wearing their lime green ribbons!  I have a double-sided sign that my sister made for me and my friend Kelly has a sign of her own.  Dale and Steve will be there and we plan on basically having a Jon Lester party in the bleachers today.  I can’t wait.

Beth wrote something in my comments from last night’s post that I’d like to address here (I hope you don’t mind, Beth).  Here is Beth’s comment:

God Bless your eternal optimism Cyn and you know I love my Yankees as much as you love your Sox, but if the Yankees were stinking up the joint this bad, I’d be hiding from people who knew what team I rooted for.

Say what you will, but if the Yankees were playing like this right now, I’d be embarrassed as hell to admit I was a Yankee fan. In other words, exactly how I felt after the 2004 ALCS.

You and the other fans who are at the very least sticking around to watch the games deserve monetary compensation from the F.O. for having to endure this crap.

I have to tell you, I actually laughed this morning when I read it.  I will never understand this mindset.  You root for your team because you enjoy baseball and you want your team to do well.  Why, just because they DON’T do well, does that suddenly make you ’embarrassed’ about the choice you made to support them?  I mean no offense to Yankees fans, and especially not Beth, but this reeks of the ‘entitled’ attitude Yankees fans have had over the years; that same attitude a lot of Red Sox fans (although mostly the bandwagoners from 2003 and 2004) have developed. 

Ask the Royals fans how they feel about their team doing poorly.  How amazing is it for them that their team swept the Sox and now has, at the very least, won another series against them?  That’s pretty much ALL the Royals fans have to go on.  And how about Devil Rays fans…or Orioles fans…any fan base of any team that usually isn’t in the playoff hunt.  These fans still come out day after day in their team colors, supporting their team.

That’s what I do.  Just because they play poorly (and make no mistake…all their starters were in the lineup last night and Josh Beckett was pitching…they lost to the Royals in extra-innings.  To say they played poorly is pretty much an insult to anyone who has played poorly) doesn’t make me ‘love’ my team any less.  You take the good with the bad, in baseball and in life, and that’s how I roll.

If I was independently wealthy, I’d be in Baltimore and New York this week at the games…and then at every game after that as well, giving this team my support.  Whether they win or lose, doesn’t really come into play as to why I’m supporting them.  And, for me, it’s always been that way.

Have a great day, folks.  I know I will!


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