Okay, now I’m pissed!

What the hell is wrong with people?  Seriously.

On five different sites over the last two days (including my blog), I’ve read comments from Red Sox fans who think the way to greet the Red Sox this weekend is with boos.

Let’s see.  How does this work?  Your team struggles on the road for a week and the decision to boo him is how you choose to show support?

If you’re a fan of a team, I’m guessing it’s due in part to some joy the team has given you at some point in your life.  So you reward that by not standing by them when the going gets tough?  You choose to kick them when they’re down?

When did Red Sox Nation get taken over by Dan Shaughnessy wannabes?

I won’t be at Fenway this weekend, but if I was there I would certainly not be booing my team.  If someone you knew was going through a rough time, would you walk behind them all day telling them how much they ****?

I can’t wait to be at Fenway a week from today for the first game of the Sox/Yanks series.  I’ll be cheering, regardless of where the Sox are in the standings.  I hope the people who actually GO to Fenway this weekend have the good sense to support their team and not boo them for being in a slump.

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