Oh well

The Red Sox are doing their level best to make sure I go all negative on them, eh?  Apparently, they aren’t down with the positive vibes.

I’ll tell you all what.  I’m really sad right now.  Not mad, not disgusted…sad.  When you put as much time and love into something as meaningless as a baseball team and this is what you get in return…well, it’s just sad.

The worst part is…I don’t care if they make the post-season.  I NEVER care if they make the post-season, I just enjoy watching them play.  Not tonight.  I knew after Wily Mo’s homerun that the game was going to be lost.  I just knew it.  And Schilling et al didn’t let me down.  I hate watching them humiliate themselves…and that is exactly what they’re doing.  And that is what makes me sad.

Positivity just went out the window.  At least for tonight.

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