The “It stinks that so many Red Sox fans won’t get to see this game on television” live blog

So today will be a challenge for me.  I promised Jere that I’d be descriptive in the live blog because he, like many Red Sox fans, won’t get to see the game.  So I’m going to have to focus a bit more on the game and a little less on ‘why the heck does Fox keep Tim McCarver on their payroll???’.  Ah, who am I kidding, I’ll have time for both.  We’ll see how it works out.

Should be an interesting game, my l ive blogging aside.  I see from comments on a previous post, my White Sox fan commenter is a bit crabby after last night’s loss.  Ah, well. 

For any new folks reading the live blog, I bottom post.  So you need to scroll down to read the updates.  And, fair warning, I don’t like Ozzie Guillen or A.J. Pierzynski.  Just don’t like ’em.  The rest of the White Sox are probably okay…but you’ll hear (read) me today about Ozzie and A.J.  And if you’re a Tim McCarver fan – you are certainly reading the wrong blog.

I’m setting this up early so I can just kick into live blogging when the game starts.   I’m watching TWIB, apparently, Ramon Hernandez has thrown out 28 baserunners this year.  Holy cow.
Okay, back to the live blog info…normally, if you’re looking for play-by-play, I don’t really do that, but I’m going to try my best to give as much PBP as possible for THIS live blog.

Ah, TWIB just showed Carl Crawford stealing home off of Jason Johnson…followed by Fox showing that ridiculous Slappy/Pepsi commercial…nice way to get me pumped for today’s game.

HEY XM satellite radio has a "Big Papi hit a walk off homerun" commercial.  Sweeet.

See y’all a little after 1pm.

1:02pm – Why is Fox playing "Once in a Lifetime" as the theme to today’s games?  It’s only two minutes after one and I hate them already for their pretentiousness.

Unrelated to today’s game and Fox…but I have to throw in a prayer for Tim Wakefield that there is nothing wrong with his back that will require any more than some rest for him.  We love you, Tim!

1:12 – Kevin Kennedy describing the ‘new guys’ in the All Star Game makes me want to rip my ears off my head.  He actually said "you might not recognize their names"…Kevin, we freaking VOTED for these guys…we know their names. Ooh, and he thinks that Gary Matthews, Jr should be there for that amazing catch he made "alone".  Yeah, who needs that lousy .332 batting average he has, eh?

1:14 – They just showed Mike Timlin and had his win/loss record along with his ERA under his name.  A win/loss record for a reliever isn’t the most telling stat is it?  What was the point of that?

1:18 – Thank Jesus.  The pre-game show is over.

1:21 – McCarver and Buck both look like they’ve been using "Sun-In" in their hair.

1:22 – These two guys are going to burst some blood vessels trying to decide which team to butt-kiss today.

1:23 – Did you all know the All Star Game is Tuesday night?  You’d think MLB and Fox would have advertised that a little more.

1:24 – I love how they slip in "prostrate cancer" into the whimsical "Avodart" commercial.  As if it’s some throw-away issue that probably isn’t connected to what they’re talking about.

1:25 – I love a noisy ball park – but only when it’s natural noise…not that blaring music junk.

1:26 – Alex Gonazlez and Jason Varitek are both sitting today.  I get Tek, fine…but AGon?  What was Tito thinking?  "He went 4 for 4 last night, he needs a rest!"?

1:26b – Kevin Youkilis has a 1-2 count, that second strike coming on a foul ball that could have been a homerun had it straightened out a little.  Instead, he strikes out swinging.

1:28 – Loretta makes the second out after Joe Buck claims that Red Sox fans were complaining about Loretta when his average was low in May.  Has Joe Buck ever actually MET a Red Sox fan?  I hate that they get away with these lies because there is no one there to counter them.

1:29 – First pitch to Papi is a ball.  Fear him, Ozzie, fear him. 2-0.  Dam, Podsednik catches out 3. 

1:31 – "Fox NFL Sunday" commercials in July.  Yay.

1:32 – Meant to mention this earlier…God likes me – AJ Pierzynski is playing!

1:33 – Even count to Podsednik while McCarver kisses the butt of a player not on either of these teams.  Wonder if he’d be spreading the Kazmir-love if he was covering the DRays/Yanks game?

1:34 – Second ball caught today (nice work Alex Cora!) that Joe Buck thought would drop.  Yes, Tim, it’s Alex Cora,  not Alex Gonazlez.  Isn’t it cute how both our shortstops are named "Alex"?  You’ll be mentioning this many times today, won’t you?  White Sox made another out while I was rambling.

1:35 – "Wow, that’s fair", Joe Buck says about the double Jim Thome just hit.  He’s Jim Thome, Joe…what did you expect?

1:36 – Konerko is up.  Joe Buck complains that Kenny Williams gets no credit for this team.  I think  I hate Joe Buck.

1:36b – Konerko hits the ball to Manny and the White Sox fans scream like it’s a homerun.  No score at the end of one.

1:39 – Only time I will mention how stupid it is that there are no Red Sox players in the All Star game commercial even though Fox will show the commercial 8 million times.  Oh joy, now we get to hear Joe and Tim complain about Manny not being in the All Star Game.  I’ll say it again, I’m GLAD he isn’t going…now shut up about it.

1:41 – Manny gets a double, Joe Buck gets a "bad knees and all" crack in as he takes second.  I DON’T CARE WHETHER OR  NOT MANNY IS HURT – I CARE THAT MANNY PLAYS WELL FOR US – Bud Selig can go sit on a tack. 

1:42 – Tim McCarver says, "Baseball’s All Star Game stands tall among all four of the major sports".  What the heck does that mean?  Ooh, now Ken "I wish I was Peter Gammons but I’m not even good enough to clean up after  him" Rosenthal is on the bashing Manny bandwagon.  It’s the All Star game…who cares?  Truly, who gives a flying care?  I haven’t read one fan complain…only the media and Mr. Selig.  What does THAT tell you?

1:44 – In case you’re just joining us, welcome to the "Manny Ramirez is the devil and we will continue to tell you this for the remainder of this game" show, live on Fox!  Oh yeah, and Trot just struck out.

1:47 – Mike Lowell hits a bomb and Jermaine Dye makes a great catch.  Manny gets to third with two outs.

1:47b – "Good baserunning by Manny Ramirez", so says McAsswipe.  Oh, are we done trying to recruit the lynch mob now?

1:48 – There is a Chicago fan yelling "Cooooh-coooh"!  Do fans really think that bothers players?  Coco flies out…no score as Fox shows Coco wiggling his fingers on his bat going to commercial because it fascinates Tim so.

1:51 – I think the advertising exec who allowed the "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet" jingle to be ruined so, should lose his/her job.

1:52 – Beckett gives up another solo homerun.  Jermaine Dye is making Jim Thome and Paul Konerko look bad thus far in the series.  Do they shoot fireworks every time someone gets a homerun? 

1:53 – Jermine Dye has 23 home runs.  Tim McCarver sounds like he’s orgasming.  Coco just made a fabulous catch to steal some bases from Pierzynski.  So sad.  So very sad.  Sit the heck down, AJ.

1:54 – Crede strikes out Beckett and somone in the stands screams like that’s a good thing.  πŸ™‚Bronson09_2

1:55 – My spelling is naturally pretty good, but I love me the spell check.  Given how much and how fast I’m actually typing today, though, there might be some errors.  My apologies in advance.

1:56 – Mackowiak gets a base hit and Cintron is up.

1:57 – 20  homeruns given up on the road for Beckett this year.  Thanks for the news, Tim.

1:57b – Cintron is down 0-2…Mackowiak steals second on ball one.

1:59 – Beckett gets Cintron to chase and strikes him out.  1-0 at the end of 2.

2:01 – Photo of Bronson (with Lenny) for Julie (and me!)

2:02 – Now we’re going to hear about how great Josh Bard is doing since the Sox traded him for Mirabelli who has a 2-2 count and now gets hit by a pitch.  Way to get on base, Dougie.

2:04 = Maybe Alex Cora could accidentally hit AJ in the face with his bat on his back swing? 

2:05 – He doesn’t.  He hits into, I’m guessing, a fielder’s choice.  He’s on first.  Youk is up.

2:05b – The trivia question is about the White Sox.  Showing favoritism?  πŸ™‚

2:07 – Alex Cora steals second on strike two.  Freddie Garcia makes Ozzie Guillen’s head hurt.  I like that.

2:08 – Youk has worked a full count.  I have to say, I agree with Ozzie about this kid.  He’s slow as freaking molasses.

2:09- Every time Youk gets caught looking he looks like it is someone else’s fault.  You know, Kev, if you swing the bat that doesn’t happen.  Two outs.  Low Rider is up.

2:10 – Damn.  Loretta strands Cora.  That’s two left on base.  I hate that.

2:12 – Said from "Oz" is on that new Fox show "Justice"…he could make it worth watching.

2:13 – Ooh, we’re going to get a dugout interview with Tito.  This should be good – he usually has a tough time masking his disdain for McCarver in these things.

2:14 – Hey, Joe Buck pretty much just said the AL fans should have picked Liriano over Pierzynski.  Color me surprised.  Seriously.

2:15 – Took him a few minutes, but Beckett strikes out Podsednik.

2:16 – Do these guys realize that, even though he lost to Tampa Bay, Beckett has been pitching GREAT his last three games? 

2:16b – Tito said about Papi "As good as a  hitter he is, he’s a better person".  Nice, warm feelings.  He’s also taking the heat for Manny, saying it was HIS idea.  I’m a Tito fan.  I really am.  Even when he makes me crazy – which he often does.

2:17 – Beckett has a 3-1 count on Tad Iguchi.  Tad makes out number two thanks to our infield, yet again. 

2:18 – Hey, the Marlins are beating the Mets.  Why does this make me happy?

2:19 – Thome popped it up and Joe Buck says "Good luck catching that thing".  It was a POP UP, Joe.  Yeesh.  End of the third, 1-0 Sox and Papi is due up first.

2:22 – Papi strikes out looking.  God, I hate that.

2:23 – Come on, Manny.  Save me from Joe Buck explaining YET AGAIN why they call Ortiz "Big Papi".

2:24 – Manny hits another double.  I’m preparing for the "liar, liar, pants on fire" chant from Buck and McCarver.

2:25 – They have Papelbon miked up and he’s singing "Sweet Home, Chicago"…he’s killing me.  I love him.  He’s too freaking cute.

2:26 – The White Sox show that we have a better fielders than they do.  Freddy Garcia now wonders if he can get traded to the Red Sox.  Trot Nixon’s out falls among four guys and turns into a hit that sends Manny to the third.

2:26b – Tim McCarver is not impressed with Garcia’s response.  "Don’t show up your infield!".  Man, don’t get McCarver cranky, I guess.

2:27 – Men on first and third with one out and Mr. Double at bat.

2:28 That isn’t Freddy Sanchez…it’s Freddy Garcia.  I know that.  Don’t mind me, the Red Bull hasn’t kicked in yet. (I have since edited the correct name in!)  Anyway, Mr Double hits yet another double to knock in two runs (even though Trot Nixon seemed kind of happy to stay at third.  Luckily our third base coach got his butt moving).

2:29 – I love it when they show shots of guys getting their heads wrapped in wet towels.  Especially when it’s a tough guy like Trot Nixon.  Makes me go all girly for a moment!  πŸ™‚

2:30 – COCO nails one into center field.  Mike Lowell makes it to third and McCarver is NOT happy with that.  Oh, sit on it, Tim.  (He admits he isn’t a fast baserunner but that he still should have tried to score…ah, intelligent baseball analyis…I love it.  Almost as much as I love hearing the "Let’s go Red Sox" chants in Chicago!) 

2:31 – Inspired by the chanting, Coco just stole second.

2:31b – McAsswipe reminds us again that Lowell isn’t a fast runner.  But he thinks he should have tried to score.  Shut up, Tim.

2:32 – Men on second and third with one out and Mirabelli up.  Come on, Dougie…

2:33 – Dougie is out but Lowell scored.  It’s 3-1 Sox with two outs and Coco on third. 

2:34 – End of the Red Sox fourth and the Sox are up by two.  Keep it up, boys.

2:35 – Why are there not groups of little people organizing to boycott Burger King for that ridiculous commercial?

2:37 – Konerko gets a lead-off hit.  Jermaine Dye is up.  Pretty much all I can say there.

2:29 – AJ Pierzynski voted online for himself.  I don’t know why I find that a little pathetic, but I do.

2:40 – Dye has a 1-2 count.  Please stop talking about Pierzynski while Dye is at bat.  It’s terribly unfair to Jermaine.

2:42 – Seriously…tell me that you don’t look at Pierzynski and think "that face needs to be punched".  I totally get why Michael Barrett knocked him one.

2:42b – Jermaine Dye ties the game with another homerun.  Honestly, are there fireworks?  After every homerun?  Or just fireworks noises?  Either way, that’s pretty bad. 

2:43 – I don’t care what the score is.  I’d love to see Beckett hit Pierzynski.  Yeah, yeah, I’m a bad sport.  Sue me.

2:44 – Tim McCarver…Josh Beckett does not need YOU to defend him.  Currently, he has an 0-2 count on AJ, for those interested.

2:45 – Yeah, yeah, we get it, he pitches better at home.  Ooh, let’s beat this into the ground until Manny gets back up to bat.

2:45b – AJ thinks it is "sweet justice" that he was voted into the All Star Game.  Fox shows this AFTER they show him turning back to the ump and yelling "Firetruck" as Beckett strikes him out.

2:47 – Crede gets a one-out base hit.  Fox shows Nomar’s numbers next to AJ’s numbers and makes us all wonder, again, how AJ got in over Liriano.

2:48 – "Tough play for Lowell".  Apparently Joe Buck knows not of our infield.  Two outs, man on second.

2:50 – Beckett just tried to throw the ball over the stadium and Mirabelli made the catch.  Nice glove work, Dougie.  Cintron has a 2-1 count.

2:51 – AMAZING catch by Trot Nixon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He just made Beckett very happy.  Me too!  3-3 at the end of the fourth.

2:54 – It goes without saying that I want the Red Sox to win.  But I hope they win partly due to the White Sox infield messing up again…I’d love to see Not-Sanchez lose it right there on the mound.

2:55 – Youk pops up to right for the first out.

2:57 – Mark Loretta sneaks one into the outfield for a base hit.  Come on, Papi, you need a hit today.  Now’s as good a time as any!

2:59 – TWO-RUN HOMERUN FOR PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t blame anyone but yourself for THAT, Freddy.

3:01 – Manny is 3-3, this time with a single.  Manny, grab your knee and yell "ow" to make the media happy, okay?

3:02 – Two outs with Manny on first and Mike Lowell up.  Another double would be nice.  πŸ™‚

3:03 – Old friend David Riske is warming up in the Chicago bullpen.

3:03b – 5-3 Red Sox going into the bottom of the fifth.

3:06 – Alex Cora uncharacteristically doesn’t make the catch so it’s a base hit with no outs.

3:08 – I’m stunned it has taken Buck/McCarver this long to mention the 2005 ALDS.  Stunned.

3:08b – Podsednik beats Mirabelli’s throw and steals second…McCarver blames Cora.

3:10 – Iguchi is out, but Podsednik is now on third with Jim Thome up.  I vote to walk him.

3:11 – Who has to walk him?  One run game when Podsednik scores on a passed ball.  Somewhere in San Diego, Josh Bard laughs in his hot tub.

3:12 – No matter.  Jim Thome homers to tie it.  Seriously, I’m finding what goes on in this park for homeruns more embarrassing than the Yankee curtain calls.  Truly ridiculous.  Ah well, scored tied again in the fifth with one out.

3:13 – Speaking of curtain calls, the fans are calling for Jim Thome.  Guess who didn’t come out for a curtain call?  Go figure.

3:14 – Beckett says, "thank you" to Konerko.  Except, now Jermaine Dye is up with two outs.  Walk him, Josh.  I’m begging you.

3:16 – Alex Cora!!!!  Nice out, guys.  Fox goes to commercial playing "Swing, Swing, Swing"…I have that on my iPod and listen to it way too much. 5-5 at the end of the fifth.

3:17 – Good God they made more than one of those ‘little people’ commercials????  What the he11 is wrong with Burger King?

3:20 – David Riske is in for Not-Sanchez.  Come on Coco, keep the good times coming…2-2 count.

3:21 – Oh happy day.  An interview with Ozzie Guillen. 

3:21b – Ozzie claims he told Schilling his hands were tied.  Not tied enough to pick your guys, eh Ozzie?

3:22 – Oh yeah, the game.  Coco and Mirabelli both out…

3:23 – Alex Cora has an 0-2 count.  Men, it’s DAVID RISKE here…let’s get going!

3:24 – Riske walks Cora to bring up Youk.  Youk needs to make some noise.  (Nice to hear the "Youk" folks in the stands!)

3:26 – Alex Cora steals second.  Nice ball-handling there, AJ.  Youk has a 2-2 count.

3:28 – Youk knocks in a double and Cora heads home!   6-5 Red Sox and the YOUKS are coming out of the stands, yet again!

3:31 – Loretta walks and Riske will be as well.

3:35 – Men on first and second with two outs and the Big Papi at bat.  Papi strikes out and in the middle of he sixth the score is 6-5, Boston.

3:38 – Lead-off hit for Pierzynski.  Yick.

3:40 – Lopez is up in the bullpen.  Beckett has a 1-2 count.  Let Beckett finish this inning so we are spared all the banter about Lopez’s pitching style.

3:40b- BEAUTIFUL double play!!!!!!

3:42 – Coco pulls in out number three…Manny  leads off the next inning.

3:43 – This is me ignoring the All Star Game commercial.

3:46 – Manny makes his first out of the day.  "OW MY KNEE!!!!!!!!"  Trot’s up with one out.

3:48 – Cotts strikes out Trot and that brings up Mike Lowell.

3:49 – Mr Double hits a single!

3:50 – I know I just didn’t hear Tim McCarver say that Kenny Rogers handled what went on last year with the camera man "well". 

3:51 – Coco hits a single and Lowell makes it to third.  Cotts just said, if I read his lips correctly, "Firetruck me".  Ozzie Guillen is taking him out and bringing in John Garland.  One of his starters.  Someone else tell me that teams don’t take the games against the Red Sox seriously.

3:55 – Garland has two strikes on Doug Mirabelli.

3:56 – I love when fans yell "strike" as if that will help the ump make his decision.  2-2 count.

3:57 – DOUG MIRABELLI sneaks one through the middle!  Lowell scores and it’s 7-5!!!

3:59 – Alex Cora has a 2-1 count with men at the corners.

4:00 – Alex Cora with a base hit that scores Coco and moves Mirabelli to third!  How’s that bringing in your starter thing working for you, Ozzie?

4:02 – Youk is sitting on a 1-2 count…and pops it up to end the inning.  8-5 at the seventh-inning stretch.

4:05 – Beckett is back out for the seventh and he is already behind 2-0.  Beckett has a lead and is still in the game…but Fox chooses this time to let Ken Rosenthal bash him.  Beckett walks the number 9 guy for the first walk he’s given up today.

4:07 – Good grief.  Beckett gives up a hit.  Two on, no outs.  Hansen and Lopez up in the bullpen.  My father has a saying about Beckett when he gets himself into these situations, "He can’t stand prosperity".  Let’s hope that isn’t the case today.

4:09 – Who makes these decisions?  Sox are leading and they choose to show Graffanino’s error from the 2005 ALDS.  What is the point?  To say, who cares if the Red Sox win two in a row, the White Sox won last year?  Doi.

4:10 – Meanwhile, Beckett has thrown three ‘balls’ in a row.  There’s a strike for you.

4:11 – Beckett loads the bases and out comes Tito.  Oh yeah, and Jim Thome is up.

4:15 – I had to shut the volume off for a minute or two.  Lopez has a 1-2 count on Thome with no outs and the bases loaded.  Don’t think I could stand to listen to WHATEVER these two have to say about it.

4:16 – Lopez gets Thome to go down swinging!  Great work, Javy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Craig Hansen comingCraighansenatjillians172005b into the game with the bases loaded and one out.

4:19 – First pitch to Konerko is a slider…and a strike.

4:20 – Hansen gets Konerko to pop up and all the base runners stay where they are!  Two outs, bases still loaded (and Loretta rolls over the back of Trot, but seems to be okay!).

4:22 – Jermaine Dye is up.  No place to put him, Craig.  Just get him out.

4:23 – Hansen is up 1-2 on Dye.

4:23b – Dye hits it right to Cora.  Inning over.  8-5 Sox at the end of 7.

4:26 – Loretta hits one past Cintron to land on first.  John Garland is obviously not a relief pitcher.

4:29 – Ozzie brings in leftie Matt Thornton to pitch to Papi…and Papi mocks the shift by getting a base hit into left field. 

4:31 – No outs, two on and Manny up with a 1-2 count.

4:34 – Manny walks.  Bases loaded, no outs and Trot up.

4:34 – Nixon pops it up and Loretta scores.  9-5 Red Sox with one out and men on first and second.

4:36 – Lowell hits it hard, but makes the out. 

4:37 – Coco pops up – inning over.  Middle of the 8th and it’s 9-5, Boston.

4:39 – Craig Hansen is back on the mound pitching to AJ.  I’ve met Craig, he could take AJ.

4;41 – Loretta makes a nice play and throws out Pierzynski.

4:41 – White Sox merchandising sales are up 100%, according to Joe Buck.  That explains the guy in Cooperstown wearing the White Sox hat who didn’t know Jermaine Dye was their right fielder.

4:43 – Good stop by Loretta but he dropped it.  Two on, one out with Cintron up.

4:44 – "Force out, 4-6", says Mr. Buck.  I’ll take it.  Two outs, men on first and third with Podsednik up.

4:45 – Hansen is behind in the count 2-1…man, that was ugly.  Right up the middle to score a run.  9-6 with two outs and men on first and third again.  Tito comes in to take out Craig and bring in Papelbon.  Man oh man.4lsalokb_3

4:49 – Fox is playing Papelbon’s "sounds of the game"…he’s killing me.  He’s very, let’s say ENTHUSIASTIC.  He certainly isn’t shy.  πŸ™‚  You only need one out here, Pap.  Strike one.

4:51 – 1-2 Count.  It seems to be annoying Joe Buck that Podsednik hasn’t stolen second yet.

4:51 – Papelbon gets the out he needs.  Going into the ninth Boston leads 9-6.  Three more outs, fellas.

4:55 – Mirabelli gets the first Boston out of the ninth.  Alex Cora is up with Youk on deck.  Ball one.

4:56 – Ball?  Ha!  Cora gets another hit!  One on, one out.

4:58 – Youk walks.  Loretta is up and that puts Papi on deck.  Two on, one out, baby!

5:01 – White Sox get the out at second, but Loretta is safe at first – and up comes Big Papi.

5:03 – Thornton has Papi at 1-1…

5:04 – 2-2…Come on, Papi…the Sox are winning, so why do I feel so anxious about this inning?

5:05 – Thornton strikes out.  Thome, Konerko and Dye are coming up to face Papelbon.  9-6 Red Sox middle of the ninth.

5:06 – Truly, do I give a rat’s hairy behind whether or not Fox has "a host"?  Do I????

5:07 – Javier Lopez and Craig Hansen are the "Chevrolet Players of the Game".  Coolie.

5:08 – Three outs, Pap…three outs.  Strike one on Thome.  Good start to the first out.

5:08 – Pap is behind in the count 2-1…

5:09 – Thome crushes one foul, 2-2…(can you tell I’m tense?)

5:09b – Full count on Thome.

5:10 – WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!  Thome strikes out swinging, baby!

5:11 – Nice pitch, Jonathan.  2-1 count to Konerko.

5:12 – 3-1 count and Konerko walks with one out.  Up comes Jermaine Dye.  Let’s kick it up,  Jonathan!

5:14 – 1-2 count to Dye.  Come on, Jonathan.  I don’t want to see Pierzynski again.

5:15 – Dye strikes out swinging with AJ coming up.  Two outs, one on.  Okay, I can deal with AJ  now.  πŸ™‚

5:16 – AJ pops out to Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Papelbon gets another save and Beckett gets anotherPapelbon182006 win!   What happened to the mighty White Sox?  Red Sox win 9-6, baby!

You know you want to hear it, people, sing it for us Jonathan:

I’m gonna tell you a story
I’m gonna tell you about my town
I’m gonna tell you a big bad story, baby
Aww, it’s all about my town

Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks of the river Charles (aw, that’s what’s happenin’ baby)
That’s where you’ll find me
Along with lovers, fuggers, and thieves (aw, but they’re cool people)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, you’re the Number One place)
Frustrated women (I mean they’re frustrated)
Have to be in by twelve o’clock (oh, that’s a shame)
But I’m wishin’ and a-hopin, oh
That just once those doors weren’t locked (I like to save time for
my baby to walk around)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Because I love that dirty water
Oh, oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Well, I love that dirty water (I love it, baby)
I love that dirty water (I love Baw-stun)
I love that dirty water (Have you heard about the Strangler?)
I love that dirty water (I’m the man, I’m the man)
I love that dirty water (Owww!)
I love that dirty water (Come on, come on)

(If you have NESN, the Camo Country from the off-season when Mike Timlin shoots the bigass buck is on right now…that’s my manly Mike!)

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!  I really appreciate it!

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