So I lie…

I had two offers today that included being outside in fresh air with people I enjoy.  One of them even included being on a lake.  So what do I do?  I turn down both offers because the Sox are playing at 1:20pm today on Fox.  🙂

Heck, I’m going to be partying next week from Wednesday through Sunday…I can sit in my centrally air-conditioned home and watch baseball today!!

The lying comes in because, heck…I’m alone today and I’ll be watching the game.  Talking to the tv isn’t as much fun as it used to be (even though I still do it!) so I’ve decided to live blog.  Yes, I said I wasn’t live blogging  until the All Star Game…but how can I give this up?  It’s an afternoon Red Sox game.  Josh Beckett is pitching.  It’s against the WHITE SOX and there is a chance AJ Pierzynski will be playing – and there’s Ozzie.  Not to mention Tim McAsswipe and Joe Buck.  The afternoon is rife with possibilities!  How can I let it go by? 

I’m guessing not too many people will be around today.  Heck, it’s a beautiful day.  Who would stay indoors to watch a baseball game and/or read about it on the computer?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a geek, right?  🙂

That’s okay, even without an audience, it helps me get out all the nervous energy I have during a game.   And in a series like this one…I have a lot of nervous energy to go around.

This will be my first Fox live blog.  I warn anyone who does end up reading it, I don’t like Tim McCarver…and I only tolerate Joe Buck because he’s good at calling the football games and his dad seemed like a nice guy.  So I’ll be chilling the Red Bulls and Budweisers and pulling up an ottoman at 1:00pm, ready for the game!

Here’s hoping the Red Sox have the same stuff they did last night.

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