The “Jonathan thinks I’ll send the good mojo to Jason Johnson if I live blog tonight” live blog!

Jjhappy_1Here to bring the good vibes to Jason Johnson!

Someone needs to run these numbers.  If Jere got more NESN I think he’d be the guy…but it seems that whenever David McCarty is in the studio with TC, the Red Sox lose.  McCarty is in the studio again.  I loved him when he was with the Sox, and was so happy he got a ring…but if he’s jinxing the team, dude has to go!  πŸ™‚

Ooh, a commercial for Hot Stove/Cool Music:  The Fenway Sessions.  Apparently Ayla Brown is going to be there.  Well, there’s a reason for me to be happy that I’m not going this year.

We only have until 6pm tomorrow to vote for the All Star Game "Final Vote". So please go vote!  (I’ll be repeating this throughout the blog!)

7:18 – Technical difficulties with my computer erased all my entries since 6:57…ah well.  All is back to normal I think.

7:19 – I must not pay attention to Youk when he’s up at bat.  Does he hang over the plate?  Why does he get hit so much?

7:22 – Very nice defense by the Devil Rays there!  After these messages, Chapter 2 of the Jason Johnson experiment begins.

7:25 – YAY!  First pitch wasn’t hit into the stands!!!!  Ooh, wait, GOOD mojo, I’m supposed to be sending….

7:26 – But the second pitch goes right into the outfield…

7:27 – A strike…he threw a strike that didn’t get smashed into right field!!!!!!!

7:28 – TWO STRIKES!!!!!!!  Two strikes that didn’t get hit!  Woo-hoo, boy is on a roll!!!!

7:30 – Egads, Johnson takes a long time…

7:30b – Interference?  The bat hit Tek’s glove.  Looks like he hit the ball before the glove to me.  What a ridiculous call.  Chill the heck out, Jason.  This isn’t a big deal.  (Ooh, Jason is pitching to Jason…la la la – the things I think of when the first inning goes on forever.)

7:32 – Rocco Baldelli knocks a run on first and second with no outs.  Johnson truly doesn’t look as wild as he did last time – so I’m not worried yet.

7:33 – Santana infield strikes again!  4-6-3 double play.

7:36 – Johnson strikes out Jorge Cantu to end the inning.  1-0, Devil Rays.  Actually, a pretty good inning for Jason.  Nice work!

7:37 –
We only have until 6pm tomorrow to vote for the All Star Game "Final Vote". So please go vote!  (I’ll be repeating this throughout the blog!)  Go vote for anyone but AJ Pierzynski.  πŸ™‚

7:39 – Fellas, could we, I don’t know maybe LOOK at a couple of pitches before we start swinging away?  Thanks.

7:40 – HOMERUN – JASON VARITEK!  Way to help out your pitcher, Captain!!!! Score tied at 1.

7:42 – Two outs…Coco up.  Come on Coco…

7:43 – Oh well.  Tek makes it 1-1 going into the bottom of the second.

7:46 – Gomes hits a double to lead off.  Yippee.

7:47 – Russell Branyan (and his scary .212 average) is up.  Don’t be scared Jason…yeesh.

7:49 – Aha.  Your plan is to put men on base so you can make your defense work for you.  Good plan.

7:51 – Cool catch, Mike Lowell.  Now we can still get a double play.  Maybe Jason’s evil plan is working.

7:53 – Okay, one out at a time…

7:54 – Ooh, nice pitch Jason!

7:55 – Good freaking God this kid takes a long time, doesn’t he?

7:56 – Theo is Florida today…wonder if he’s already making calls to send this kid somewhere? 

7:58 – Bases loaded with Carl Crawford up.  That pain in my stomach is getting stronger.  2 runs in.  3-1 Devil Rays.  Is Johnson crying yet?

7:58b – This is looking like the last game he pitched.  What the heck kind of fielding is that, Johnson?  Another run in. 4-1 Drays.

7:59 – Ah, Crawford steals third…sweeet.

8:00 – Trot Nixon thankfully ends the inning.

8:01 – Melky Cabrera just hit a grand slam.  Yankees fans are going to want him to get ROY now.  πŸ™‚ 5-1 Yankees in the fourth.

8:03 – I’m sure two innings in roughly forty-five minutes isn’t as long as I feel like it’s been.

8:04 – Jerry Remy loves him some Alex Cora.  Make him proud, Alex.

8:05 – Nice job, Alex.  Always good to get the lead guy on.  Let’s hope Youk can capitalize.

8:05b – I wouldn’t be totally against Youk getting hit by another pitch…

8:06 – Okay, I’m looking at Youk…he doesn’t seem to be hanging over the plate.  Why does he get hit so often?

8:07 – The Greek God of Walks is one ball away from walking again.

8:08 – I hate the catwalk.  Isn’t that supposed to be a homerun?

8:09 – Explain to me how if it hits something in the ceiling it’s okay to catch it and it’s an out – but you can’t catch a ball off the wall and have it be an out.  Domed stadiums suhk.

8:10 – Low Rider is up…come on Mark.

8:14 – Youk, you’re out.  It stinks and it’s an unfair rule, but get over it.  Move on.  End of Boston’s inning – still 4-1.  Oh joy, Jason is coming back on to the mound.

8:16 – New York is winning 9-1.  Basically, all Cleveland did last night was really p1ss them off.

8:17 – Johnson gives up another hit to the first batter of the inning for Tampa Bay.  Does this kid…and Theo…know how much he stinks?

8:17b – Good mojo…good mojo…good mojo…

8:20 – Jonny Gomes strikes out and loses his mind.  Enjoy your shower, Jonny.

8:22 – Come on, Jason.  Double play ball.

8:23 – Jeez, Jason, just hit him if you want him on base so badly.

8:24 – Or walk him.  I mean, as long as you get him on base.  That’s the important thing.

8:25 – Ooh, goody!  Ty Wigginton is up.  He only has 72 homeruns against us this year.

8:28 – Well, I guess a walk is better than a homerun.  Bases loaded…again.  With one out.

8:29 – Remy points out that Tito needs to decide whether or not he’ll let this game get out of hand by keeping Johnson in.  Since Johnson is still pitching, we might have our answer, RemDawg.

8:30 – Holy cow, he struck out Josh Paul.  The 10,000 year old man and his .307 average is up.

8:31 – Trot comes through again.  Still 4-1. 

8:33 – 4-1, top of the fourth.  TOP OF THE FOURTH?  Sheez.

8:35 – Trot Nixon is batting .331.  Why does no one talk about this?  Mind you, he just flew out to Rocco.  Dang.  Two outs.

8:36 – This is just painful.  Egads.  4-1 going into the DRays fourth.

8:38 –
We only have until 6pm tomorrow to vote for the All Star Game "Final Vote". So please go vote!  (I’ll be repeating this throughout the blog!)  A vote against AJ Pierzynski is a vote for humanity!

8:39 – Does it surprise anyone that the lead-off batter is now standing on first base? 

8:41 – Jerry and Don are getting silly already and it’s not even the fifth inning.  Remy is giving Donnie O grief about his ‘chat’ on this afternoon…

8:42 – Nice catch, Youk!

8:44 – Carl Crawford just stole another base and Terry finally comes out of the dugout…to question the out call?  Get your butt to the mound and get that pitcher out of there, Tito…Crawford was safe!

8:45 – One out with a man on second…two outs and a man on third…and Batshit Tavarez warming up in the bullpen.

8:46 – Why does it make me laugh that they’re reporting that the Yankees took batting practice from 10:30am-1:30pm today?  I mean, apparently it’s working…but it’s funny to see the Yankees afraid of the indians.

8:47 – Carl Crawford just stole home.  I really hope Jason Johnson twists his ankle.  I think Jerry Remy agrees with me.  "Inexcusable" is the word he used.  Inning over – 5-1 at the end of 4.

8:50 – I feel sorry for Johnson.  This kid certainly doesn’t belong in the bigs.

8:51 – Mr Double leads the inning off with another double.  Let’s go, boys!  Let’s make the steal home not mean a thing!

8:52 – One at a time, boys.  Lugo makes a nice play to get Coco out and Lowell is at third.

8:53 – Dude has hit his second Red Sox player.  We haven’t had a good Tampa Bay/Boston brawl in a while.  Let’s get a lead before we start one here, guys.

8:54 – Youk is up.  He’s probably still cranky from hitting the catwalk.  Make ’em pay, Youk.  Make ’em pay.

8:54b – Okay, it was an out, but at least we got a run (And Alex Cora is on second).  (What the heck was that throw, Rocco?)

8:55 – Oh for crying out loud, Mark.  Going into the bottom of the fifth…5-2 Devil Rays.

8:58 – Greg Norton is in for Jonny Gomes…Batshit Tavarez is in for Johnson.  One out.

9:02 – Yo Lo CO Lo Va – Mi Infield.  Double play ends the inning.  ("Co" instead of "Go" tonight)

9:05 – David Ortiz says "Take your shift and shove it" and knocks one into centerfield!  Lead-off man on…let’s go Manny!

9:07 – Darn it.  Nice try, though, Manny.

9:07b – Count me in as someone who will be happy if Manny doesn’t go to the All Star Game. Rest the knee, brother.  Even if there isn’t a knee injury…rest it anyway.

9:10 – Trot has worked a full count. Now is a good time for a homerun…heck, even a triple, dude.

9:10b – Papi was running, so no double play.  Two outs with Papi on second and Varitek up.  Somewhere my father silently screams.

9:12  – Tek, sadly yet predictably, ends the inning.  5-2 going into Tampa Bay’s 6th.

9:13 – If the Sox lose this game, I blame David McCarty.  πŸ™‚

9:15 – Batshit gives up a ‘bloop’ single to Josh Paul.  Josh freaking Paul.  Is this for real?  Yeesh.

9:16 – I used to really hate listening to "The Heckler"…now I  just find it ‘old’.

9:17 – 4-6-3…I love this infield.  LOVE them.  A team with an infield this good – well, I have high hopes for the rest of this season, regardless of what happens tonight.  They are definitely the silver lining on this team.

9:19 – They just showed the stats…Carl Crawford has stolen 837 bases off the Red Sox this season.

9:20 – Not many pictures or links tonight since I’m playing the trifecta.  Live blogging, responding to the live blog comments and voting for the Final Vote.

9:20b – Carl Crawford makes the 3rd out.  End of 6.  DRays lead, 5-2.  Once again, we’re running out of outs, boys.

9:21 –  
We only have until 6pm tomorrow to vote for the All Star Game "Final Vote". So please go vote!  (I’ll be repeating this throughout the blog!)  Make sure the devil doesn’t get to Pittsburgh.  πŸ™‚

9:22 – Apparently, if I ‘Ride with Pride", "Mikey I" will save me money.  It’s commercials like that one that make me happy I don’t own a car.

9:23 – Mike Lowell has a 1-0 count.  The Corcoran kid who started the game is still in (Lowell just made the first out)…I mean, really, why take  him out?

9:25 – "The Red Sox fans have not had much to cheer about this series", says Jerry Remy as Coco goes 0-3.  File that under, "Understatement of the Week", Jerry.

9:28 – Alex Cora working the count…Alex is a very reliable player for us.  Come on, Alex…give us hit number 5!

9:29 – I’m trying to find some positives in the Devil Rays possibly taking three in a row from the Red Sox.  I’m not finding any.  I don’t think this is a team that needs to be shaken up.  I also don’t think the Red Sox take the Devil Rays for granted.  So I have no words of wisdom.  I have no freaking clue why they haven’t won these last two games.  (Kazmir certainly earned that win Monday night.)

9:30 – Corcoran is done…maybe the change will do us good?

9:33 – Youk seems a tad overzealous.  Chill out, Youk.  Egads, Youk.  5-2 Devil Rays at the seventh-inning stretch.

9:37 – That does it.  Sox lose this game, I’m not live-blogging until the All Star Break.  (Thinking about live blogging the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game…just not sure if I’ll be around to do it)

9:37b – How’s this for good vibes?  Batshit Tavarez has actually (up to this point) kept the team in the game.  The bullpen is doing their job, the infield is doing their job.  Where the heck are the bats?

9:38 – Tavarez gets the first out…Rocco Baldelli.

9:38 – Rocco should keep the helmet on.  I’m just sayin’.  πŸ™‚

9:40 – Two outs.  Seventh inning.  Still plenty of baseball left, right?  Right!  Positive vibes, folks!  Plenty of baseball left!

9:41 – My understanding is the Yankees/Indians score is 75-3 and Melky Cabrera has knocked in all 75 runs.  Bravo.  Meanwhile, Tavarez retires the side.  Julian did his job, guys.  The time is now, fellas, the time is freaking NOW.

9:43 – Mark Loretta makes the first out.  That was fast.  People in that stadium are booing David Ortiz.  That cracks me up.  I get the Yankees booing Papi…we boo Jeter…but Devil Rays fans?  Please.  After you beat the Red Sox you’re going to get your butts whooped by the Yankees so don’t get so cocky.  Wait…they’ll probably beat the Yankees too, huh?  Okay then, the Angels…yeah, let’s see how tough you are against the Angels!

9:47 – Joe Madden has brought in his lefty specialist.  Why do I find it humorous that the DRays have a ‘lefty specialist"?  Apparently, it’s working since Papi is down 0-2.  Make that 1-3…well, at least Manny is up with two outs…and the lefty is still in there.  DRays fans are now chanting "Manny suhks", is that right?  Is that what they’re saying?  My friend Susan is at the game tonight, I’m going to have to ask her tomorrow.  I actually find it kind of sad.  Seriously.  Nothing like trying to create a rivalry where there is none.  Ah, well.  Let the DRays fans have their day…we know it won’t last long.  Too bad, I thought maybe they’d have a bit more class than that.  What do I expect from a fan base that makes a bigger star out of a heckler than they do their players?

9:51 – Manny ends the inning.  Sox have 3 runs left.  Normally, this wouldn’t make me think the game is over.  Y’all know I never give up until the last out is made…but our bats just aren’t doing it tonight.  I hope I’m wrong and there is an amazing comeback.  We still have time.  Wonder who Tito is bringing in for the 8th?

9:54 – My "he’ll never be Bronson but I still have a crush on him" boyfriend, Craig Hansen is in.  Julian gave up one hit in three innings.  He did a great job.  His offense totally let him down.  Julian needs to get MAJOR credit here.

9:55 – Hansen strikes out Norton…

9:58 – Hansen strikes out Branyan…

9:59 – Hansen strikes out Wigginton.  Nice inning, Craig.  Bullpen has totally delivered tonight…not so much our bats, eh?

10:00 –  
We only have until 6pm tomorrow to vote for the All Star Game "Final Vote". So please go vote!  (I’ll be repeating this throughout the blog!) Remember, no one REALLY wants to see Papelbon kicking the crappe out of Pierzynski, do we?

10:02 – Trot starts the ninth with a strike.  Come on, guys, REALLY, 5-2 isn’t that big a deficit…

10:03 – Yankees 98 – Indians 3…there’s your final, folks. I’m led to believe that Melky knocked in the first 97 runs and ARod hit a solo homerun in the ninth inning.

10:04 – Trot draws a walk and Joe Madden decides to take the lefty out.  This could be the start of something good.

10:05 – Does anyone think the rumor about the Yankees and the Cubs trying to package a deal for ARod is true?  How insane would that be?

10:06 – Tek flies out.  I hope my father isn’t watching this.  Mike Lowell is up and I promise you if those DRays fans are heckling HIM, I’ll be on the next plane to Florida to kick some bandwagon fan behind.

10:07 – Mike makes out number 2.  Trot is very lonely at first base.  Coco is up.  Ah, well…end our pain, quickly, Coco.

10:08 – All six Devil Rays fans are on their feet…good for them!

10:09 – Nixon on second with two outs and two strikes on Coco.

10:09b – Nixon to third on a wild pitch…passed ball…whichever.  Let’s go, Coco…do something good!

10:09c – End of the game…DRays have won three games in a row against the Sox with a 5-2 win.  Sox are now only 3 games ahead of the Yankees.  Lousy night, but I have no doubt the Sox will bounce back quickly.  One lousy series does not a season  make.  I hope our batters watch the tape of this game to see how bad they looked.

Thanks for stopping by, folks!  Have a great night!  Here’s hoping when I wake up tomorrow the first thing I read is how the Sox sent Jason Johnson down to Pawtucket.

(And, once again, the Sox lose so NESN shows me a commercial of a David Ortiz walk off, followed by Hazel Mae and her breasts…my memory isn’t THAT short, NESN.)


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