“Hi, Mr. ARod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Cleveland feed I got last night on Extra Innings picked up these youngsters yelling to ARod late in the game yesterday.  They just kept chanting, "Hi, Mr. ARod!  Hi, Mr. ARod!!!!!!!!".  They never showed the kids, but I still thought it was just about the cutest thing I’d seen/heard during a game lately.

Both Yankees and Red Sox fans can pretend the last two days didn’t happen.  Although I sense it will be easier for Sox fans to do than for Yankees fans.  Fear not, Yankees fans, you have Mike Mussina going tonight while the Red Sox have Jason Johnson.  If I’m home in time, I plan on live blogging since Jonathan thinks it’ll bring some good mojo.  Me, I’m not so sure. 

Bronson didn’t do so well yesterday.  It’s too bad.  He had one really bad inning and paid for it.

If you’re one of those fans who votes in the "Final Vote" for the All Star Game, good job thus far.  I find it funny that Mark Newman’s newest article about the voting has Nomar and Liriano (the two guys I’ve voted for) leading the way, while the headline over at the Cleveland site has the race "too close to call" and the main page at MLB.com has Hafner fourth behind Liriano, Pierzynski and Verlander.  EVERYONE loves to spin I guess.

Hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July.  Back to reality for me today.  S’gonna be a long one!

Take care, folks

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