Silver linings and such

LowellovationfloridaAs Julie pointed out in last night’s comments, at the very least the Red Sox still have their error-less streak going.  17 games.  I’m very proud of that.  And, don’t let the fools kid you, it’s a big deal.

I still would have liked the win.  Johnson got hit hard (and hit back hard twice, didn’t he?) and couldn’t settle down until it was too late (If you want to call what he did ‘settling down’).  The offense didn’t help, but they did get 8 hits.  Willis and the Marlins were just too tough for them last night.  It happens.

Sox are still up by three games and still playing good ball.  Y’all will have to pardon me if I don’t wave a white flag.

Sorry Mets fans, but I’m still unimpressed with your team. The offense for the Yankees didn’t exactly take off last night (nor did the defense, really) but the pitching was stellar, so I don’t intend for this to take anything away from the Yankees (or the Red Sox) and how they’ve played, but your team has lost four in a row to the best of the American League East – which tells me they can’t compete with the big boys.

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope they come back and crush the Yankees these next two games.  But if the last four are any indication (and as a fan of a team who was swept just before they went on a 12 game winning streak, I know they really aren’t a true indication, but they certainly do make the Mets look like posers), I’m not getting my hopes up.

The Boston boys from Florida got very nice ovations from the Marlins fans.  Very nice form.  Here’s hoping karma helped win that game for them and tonight my boys get back to their winning ways.  (Incidentally, Marlins fans, what the heck is up with the weird start times down there?  7:30  last night, 6 tonight.  Where’s the consistency?)

Timmy is on the mound tonight against Brian Moehler.  I like our chances.

Enjoy the weekend folks – I know I will!

(Side note to Joe and others who have thoughtfully asked about my camera:  It’ s an Olympus SP-500 UZ.  The best specs about it are the 6 megapixel sensor [as opposed to the 3.2 I used before this season], and the 10x optical and 5x digital zooms equalling 50x seamless zoom.  It makes all the difference.  If I took more time to learn the intricacies of it instead of just scanning the guide and grabbing the camera for pictures, I could probably take better ones.  But I’m impressed when I can take a picture of the pitching mound from the depths of right field and you can at least make out who the pitcher is – even if he’s a little fuzzy.  The night I sat behind home plate, I was taking pictures of the Red Sox bullpen to see who was up throwing – it’s the little things like that I get a kick out of with this camera!  Thanks for asking!)

Today’s picture, courtesy of YAHOO!, certainly not mine!

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