Good Lord this kid stinks!

Good job there, Theo.

Johnson was on the news tonight talking about how great the fans have been to him since he’s been with the team.

I can guarantee you, the Sox don’t come back to win this and end their winning streak because of some spastic has-been…they won’t be so great to him when he gets back to Boston.

I don’t mind losing a game (and it’s only the second inning, the game isn’t lost yet) but not when it’s because Theo sticks us with a stiff.

Edited to add:  Losing 5-0, no outs and Loretta decides to try and stretch a single into a double.  I love me some Mark Loretta, but really – what was he thinking?

Edited yet again to add:  At least the defense still looks good.  🙂

Not quite a live blog, but I’m adding stuff here.  After being at Fenway with the Mets fans this week, I have a new appreciation for why fans BOO down the opposing fans who cheer instead of CHEERING.  The booing is louder and works better.  I bring this up because I’m stunned by the "let’s go red sox" chants and totally understand why the Marlins fans are booing.

As this game goes on (and now that Johnson is out of it) I feel more sorry for Johnson than mad.  It was an awfully tough position to put him in.  Mind you, I still think he stinks, but one loss after 12 wins is far from something to be ashamed of.  Mind you, it’s only the sixth inning (still 5-0)…I never concede these games until the last out is made.  🙂

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