Instead of a ‘real’ entry…

…some pictures from last night. This first one is for my mother since, well, Petey was always her boy.  🙂

Peteysalutesjune282006 Pedro coming toward we lowly creatures in the bleachers to warm up (and saluting us!).

Pedrobeckettjune28_1 Pedro and Josh Beckett

Beckettjune28 The real man of the evening – Josh Beckett!

Tekjune28_1 Jason Varitek warming up.

Hansenjune28 Craig Hansen in the bullpen.

Timlinmirabelli Mike Timlin and Doug Mirabelli in the bullpen.

Bellitimlincop Another of Dougie and Mike.  I’ve tried for a long time to get this shot of MIKE fist-bumping the policeman – to no avail.  So I’m giving you Doug.

Myview Our view of the scoreboard!

Anotherbeckjune28 One more of Beckett!

Petey2 And one more of Petey!

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