Last minute, “Let’s hope we sweep the Mets”, Live Blog!

364523_tomglavine031229Okay, my evening plans changed so I figured why not send Curt the good mojo and live blog.

So, ‘baseless’ threats aside…here I am.  πŸ™‚

Hey I  just checked my email, sent me a truly brilliant email…all it said was "You S**k"…this person should be published, don’t you think?

7:07 – Manny takes the field as Remy tells us Delgado is out of the line up today.  Hmmm.

7:11 – A hit by Reyes is  not the way to start a game.

7:12 – My favorite new site.

7:14 – HEY HEY HEY Jason Varitek throws out Reyes!  Reyes hates Varitek, I think.

7:15 – Strike three…sit down Beltran.

7:20 – Youk’s out.  πŸ™  Hey, Lastings Milledge is in RIGHT field tonight.  Lets’ see how that goes.

7:23 – Mark Loretta walks…coolie!

7:25 – Man I hate the shift.  No score after one.

7:30 – Defensive specialist, Mark Loretta!

7:35 – I would love for Manny to get all the All Star votes and then NOT go to the ASG.  I’d love it.  Give him the respect of getting the votes AND the time off.

7:39 – Quick inning.  Hate that.

7:42 – Mike Lowell fears not your bunt.

7:42b – Manny’s working on a gold glove.  πŸ˜‰

7:43 – Dos outs.

7:45 – I’m sorry…which team has the best infield in MLB?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  πŸ™‚  Three outs, baby.

7:50 – Gabe is out and NESN is re-showing pieces from Pedro’s post-game interview. 

7:51 – Nice glove, Mr. Glavine!!!Yolo500_1

7:53 – Tom Glavine is a freaking machine.

7:57 – Remy just gave Donnie O a Santana Infield t-shirt!

8:00 – Nice strike out, Curt!

8:04 – Any Mets fans around who heard Remy last night?  I’m interested to hear what you thought of him.  HEY! Loretta got a hit off of Glavine!  Yay!!

8:05 – AND Papi follows with a single of his own!

8:07 – Mike Lowell is up with two outs and two on.

8:09 – Lowell walks, Tek is up.  Still batting from the left side…because it worked so well last time.

8:10 – Come on Fenway folks – my freaking CAT knew that was an out.

8:13 – Gabe the Babe makes another amazing catch!

8:19 – One on, two out in the fifth inning.  The FIFTH inning?  Why do games never go this quickly when I’m AT them???

8:21 – Ah, the "Let’s Go Mets" followed by boos.  I’ll give the Mets something over all the other fan bases in Boston…they certainly show up to represent their team.  I just wish the Sox fans would drown them out with cheers rather than boos.

8:22 – Orsillo says Schill "elevated" his pitch…that’s like saying Papi hits the ball ‘a little hard’. 

8:23 – Lastings Milledge is up….oooh, just as I was about to write that Lastings could either be a hero or a goat right now, the 800 year old man gets picked off!  Stellar job, Mr. Schilling!

8:27 – An addition to the kudos for Curt, adding some for Mark Loretta – good Schillsock eye!  Kapler is up…all is well, except for the fact that he got out.

8:27b – Either Curt is a very sweaty guy or it is really hot in Fenway.

8:30 – Nice throw, Tom!  AGon on second thanks to the throwing error!

8:31 – All for nothing.  End of five, no score.  Ah, pitching duels.

8:34 – Ride some pine, Lastings.

So in my mind, this afternoon the following exchange took place:

Willie Randolph – Lastings, son, we need to talk.

Lastings Milledge – I know, Skip.  Two errrors in two nights.  I’m sorry.  Pedro said it wasn’t my fault, though.

Willie Randolph – Pedro also said he WON the most important game tonight.  That boy has rocks in his head, son.  Don’t let me catch you talking to him again!

Lastings Milledge – Okay.

Willie Randolph – About tonight.  I was hoping to watch your butt ride the train to Norfolk and have Cliff Floyd up here, but that isn’t happening.

Lastings Milledge – Great!  (Notices Willie’s frown) I  mean, oh…that’s too bad!

Willie Randolph – Whatever.  I just want you to know that I’m putting you in right field.

Lastings Milledge – Great! (Notices Willie’s frown) That isn’t great?

Willie Randolph – There’s this corner in right field…and ask Gary Sheffield about the fans…But, we don’t have a choice, you’re in there tonight.  Don’t let me down…again.

Lastings Milledge – I can do it, Skip, I know I can!

Willie Randolph – That’s the spirit, kid.  Now run along.  (Lastings skips away and Willie dials his cell phone)  Omar, you sure we can’t trade for Trot Nixon?

G_jjohnson 8:35 – Jason Johnson starts for the Sox tomorrow.  Definitely not live blogging…too much tension.  πŸ™‚

8:36 – Reyes, take your seat as well.  Strike out number 5 for Schill

8:39 – LoDuca makes his at-bat count and lands on first.

8:42 – Two run homer for Carlos Beltran.  Ugh.

8:43 – YAY they’re doing the "Let’s Go Red Sox" chant over the "Let’s Go Mets" chant instead of booing!

8:44 – For those who weren’t at any of these games…the Mets fans are the ones who were starting the Anti-Yankees chants, when I was there anyway. 

8:52 – Mark Loretta shuts the Mets fans up!  Way to go, Mark!!!!!  Loretta OWNS Glavine!  πŸ™‚ 2-1 Mets in the middle of the 5th!

8:53 – Whoa!  I was convinced that was going to be a single!  Papi hits a double off the wall!!!  PAPI!!!!!!!!!

8:54 – Come on,  Manny.  Don’t let Curt down!

8:56 – Could Glavine be unintentionally, intentionally walking Manny?

8:56b – Not if Manny keeps swinging at THAT crappe!

8:57 – Way to pitch around Manny, Tom.

8:57b – 102 pitches and Willie is going to take Glavine out.  Way to go.  Guy is an amazing pitcher, I don’t care what team he plays for.  I’d love to have him on our team – I wanted him here when he left Atlanta.

9:01 – A double from Mr Double would be nice.  No outs, two on for Mike Lowell.

9:02 – Ooh…Papi dives in head first to third and because Beltran pretty much ignores him, Manny walks over to second.  No man on first with only one out.  Sweet.

9:04 – If Jason Varitek was my brother, my father would disown him.

9:05 – Trot’s on deck, pinch-hitting for Gabe.

9:06 – Thanks to great base-running from Papi – the score is tied!!!!!

9:07 – Don Orsillo tells us that Trot is battling a stomach flu.  How much does that stink?  When I have the stomach flu, there’s only one  place I want to be…and it Bronthrow certainly isn’t the outfield at Fenway Park.

9:08 – Trot to Lastings – end of six inning and the score is tied at 2.

9:09 – Just turned on Bronson, he has a 5-2 lead in the seventh.  Well done!!!

9:12 – Schilling is still in the game.  Lowell gets him the first out.  Come on, Schill.  Pitch so your guys can get you the win.

9:14 – I hate one out doubles.

9:15 – Timlin is up in the bullpen.  I love him.  Anyone who reads my blog or who knows me knows this.  Please…do NOT make him have to come in, Curt.

9:16 – Schill strikes out Woodward for out number two.

9:16b – I keep reading about the new Bruins coach.  Funny, no quotes from Mike Sullivan.  Probably because he’s too classy to talk about how much the Bruins set  him up to be the fall guy.  I hope the Bruins lose every game they play next season.

9:17 – For crying out loud, Curt, it’s LASTINGS MILLEDGE.  I’m pretty sure I could get him out.

9:18 – Out of the inning – yeesh, Lastings is fast, eh?????

9:21 – COCO BUNTS!!! And gets on base!!!!  I love speed!

9:22 – AND HE STEALS SECOND!!! Speed.  Need speed.  So nice to HAVE speed.

9:23 – What bizarro world have I stepped into where we have a guy on third due to TWO bunts and a steal?  Is Tito sick tonight?  Is Brad Mills really managing?

9:24 – Man I really thought Youk hit that one out.  No matter.  He knocked Coco home!  Sox lead, 3-2.  Two outs in the seventh with Loretta up again.

9:26 – Lastings loves right field.  3-2 Sox after seven.

9:29 – Schill is out after 103 pitches.  Mike Timlin is in to help preserve the lead.  THIS is when I like to see Timlin in the game!

9:32 – One down.  Keep it up, Mikey!

9:33 – A bit of a gimme on that first strike.  Now there are two on LoDuca.

9:36 – Timlin strikes out LoDuca (swinging)!!!  Two outs, Mike.  (According to Donnie O. it’s the "first strikeout in 54 plate appearances for LoDuca".  Well done, Mike!)

9:38 – Beltran has a 1-2 count on him.  Come on, Mikey…one more strike out.

4lsalokb_1 9:39 – O you could give up a hit.  Just to make things interesting.

9:39b – "The closer is up in the Red Sox pen", so says Don Orsillo.  Knowing he doesn’t have to say his name.

9:40 – The "Let’s Go Red Sox", "Let’s Go Mets" tandem cheering is making it sound like both fan bases are actually having FUN with each other tonight.

9:40b – 2-0 count to whoever the heck is up (hey, I’m hyped up right now)…

9:41 – Make that 3-0.  WTH, Mike?

9:41b – Heck, that’s David Wright – and Coco just robbed him of a double by basically FLYING into the air and grabbing the ball!!!  Mike Timlin was VERY happy! 

9:42 – As I say to my sistahs, Mike Timlin owes Coco Crisp a "special" favor.  3-2 Sox going into the bottom of the 8th.

Neil Diamond, middle of the 8th, mojo time:

Where it began, I can’t begin to know when
But then I know it’s growing strong
Wasn’t the spring,
And spring became the summer
Who’d believe you’d come along

Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Sweet Caroline
Good times never seem so good
I’ve been inclined to believe it never would

And now I, I look at the night,
And it don’t seem so lonely
We fill it up with only two,
And when I hurt
Hurting runs off my shoulder
How can I hurt when holding you

One, touching one, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Sweet Caroline
Good times never seem so good

I’ve been inclined to believe it never would

Sweet Caroline, good times never seem so good

Redbull_1 9:45 – NESN has already shown the Coco Crisp catch three more times.  Covelli had dam better well make the number one web gem tonight!

9:45b – THAT’S MY BIG PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Home run!  4-2 Sox!!!!!

9:47 – Coco is drinking Red Bull!  After that amazing catch – what a commercial that would make!  Red Bull gave me WINGS!!!

9:52 – Three outs, Papelbon is coming in.  I would have preferred Tito bringing Timlin out for at least one more batter, but what are you going to do?

Three more outs, boys…three more outs.

9:54 – Jose Valentin apparently has to go to the bathroom.  He swung at the first pitch and is now on his way back to the dugout.

9:56 – One out to a sweep of the best the National League has to offer.

9:57 – And that’s game…12 in a row for the Sox – Curt gets his tenth win!  To quote Don Orsillo – an "outstanding ball game"!!!

Especially for Jere:

I’m gonna tell you a story
I’m gonna tell you about my town
I’m gonna tell you a big bad story, baby
Aww, it’s all about my town

Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks of the river Charles (aw, that’s what’s happenin’ baby)
That’s where you’ll find me
Along with lovers, fuggers, and thieves (aw, but they’re cool people)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, you’re the Number One place)
Frustrated women (I mean they’re frustrated)
Have to be in by twelve o’clock (oh, that’s a shame)
But I’m wishin’ and a-hopin, oh
That just once those doors weren’t locked (I like to save time for
my baby to walk around)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Because I love that dirty water
Oh, oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Well, I love that dirty water (I love it, baby)
I love that dirty water (I love Baw-stun)
I love that dirty water (Have you heard about the Strangler?)
I love that dirty water (I’m the man, I’m the man)
I love that dirty water (Owww!)
I love that dirty water (Come on, come on)

Thanks for stopping by, folks.  Have a great night!!!!!

(Oh, one last item…Red Sox are not only in first place, but they’re ahead by four games.  Those are some fine apples!)

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