Lunch Break

I don’t usually post during the day if I can help it…but felt the need to take a moment and give props to a Boston sports writer, of sorts, over at

Eric Wilbur writes the Red Sox blog over there…and I have, on may occasions, complained about his entries – even so much as writing him once or twice.  He was always very nice in emails and I decided he wasn’t as horrible as other people on the Globe’s payroll…so I’ve been quiet about him lately.

Not today.  Today, Wilbur wrote a wonderful piece on how the fans WON’T boo Pedro, regardless of what the likes of Steve Silva, Peter Gammons and Mike Celizic will have you believe.  He even goes so far as to admit that the reason behind the Pedro smear campaign over at Boston Dirt Dogs is due to a "failed attempt to generate a welcome reception for Johnny Damon back in May".

Good for Wilbur for saying, about a co-worker of sorts, what Jere and I (and others, including the Sons of Sam Horn and their most famous poster Gehrig38) have been saying all along.  It’s about time someone with a little credibility outed this jerk.

DO NOT BOO PEDRO, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man is the best pitcher some of us will ever see in our lifetime.  Johnny Damon got an entire season of ‘thank yous’ – Pedro didn’t.  He has MORE than earned a standing ovation tomorrow night.  I know I’LL be there doing my part!

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