Haven’t posted this in a while. :-)

Standingsjune272006amSo much for that ‘swoon’, eh?

Jon Lester on the mound against the Mets tonight…here’s hoping he can keep up the great pitching he’s given us – and that the Sox can keep their winning streak alive!

If I can make it home in time, I’m live blogging tonight’s game.  Unfortunately, given what is going on at work, that really might not be possible.  I’ll Lesterwarmsupjune212006keep my fingers crossed.

A quick "boo" to NESN for NOT re-airing yesterday’s game at midnight the way they do every other game.   Instead we got the 1986 team reunion press conference and "Red Sox Rewind".  I have no idea if they aired the replay at 1am, because as soon as "RSR" began at 12:35am, I shut the television off.  Bad decision, NESN.  A lot of people were planning on staying up for the  game.

Have a great day, folks.  See you at 7:05pm (hopefully!)

(Photo of Jon Lester, taken by me last week!)

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