Quotes from Yesterday

Gabejune232006Brett Myers, when asked if he was embarrassed about getting arrested for hitting and dragging his wife:

"I’m sorry it had to get public, that’s it. Of course, it’s embarrassing."

That’s priceless enough.  Shows what a complete horse’s behind Myers really is – as if we couldn’t have already guessed.

But let’s end on an upbeat quote.

From Gabe Kapler, also yesterday, when asked about the Myers situation.  (Asked because of his foundation to help prevent domestic violence):

“It’s important in the work that I do to present what is strong and what is weak and what perception is. To me, strong is being able to control yourself — when things get difficult, not to lose self-control."

We all know who the real man is out of these two.

(Photo of Gabe, taken by me on Friday night!)

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