Phillies fans are scaring me

Philly_phanatic_on_his_atv_june_25_2005__1Not all of them…but a group of them here, explaining why it would be all right for Brett Myers to have hit his wife.

I understand about innocent until proven guilty…but a wife with bruises on her face and a phone call to the police…and all of this happening on the street with two witnesses?  Well, it doesn’t take a math wiz to figure out what this adds up to.

Tomorrow afternoon at Fenway should be very interesting if Myers still pitches.

And shame on Massachusetts for it only costing Myers $200 to get out of jail for ‘allegedly’ hitting his wife – and double shame to the judge who didn’t think this was important enough for Myers to have to come back to Boston for the hearing.

Guess it does pay to be rich, white and famous in America (or at least in Massachusetts).

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