Positive Energy

SmjAnd finally (I’m chatty today, huh?), for those of you who have inquired (I just finished reading email…wow, one chick from Boston gets in the bonnet of a lot of folks)…I choose to be positive.  It’s how I conduct myself in my ‘real’ life and it’s how I am as a Red Sox fan.  I was raised to believe in positive thinking.  I was raised to believe that it’s harder to see the good than it is the bad, but it’s worth it to try.

So, for those many of you who wrote to tell me I was ‘delusional’ or, my favorite, ‘stupid’, I say this:  It’s sad that you live such hollow lives that you’d rather focus on the hurtful and the negative instead of focusing on  how to make things better for yourself.  I love this team and I know it’s always a struggle with them…but I choose to be a fan and if they made me miserable, well, what fun would that be?  I know I can dole out the nasties (many consider my rants against the media and Yankees curtain calls just that), but I don’t let it consume me.

Think about it cranky pants people…and have a great day.

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