A prayer from Red Sox Nation


Dear Lord, we haven’t asked for much, and after 86 years you delivered, so we don’t mean to be greedy, but please, PLEASE, if you have any love or compassion for your son David Pauley, let him smite the Yankees tonight. 

We don’t need blood (but, hey, if you see fit to make them bleed, well we don’t question you). we just need his curveball to curve.  Actually, all of his pitches hitting their marks would be nice…but maybe that’s too much to ask.  Howsabout we just ask that you don’t let the kid get humiliated so deeply that he never wants to play ball again?  And how about letting Tek reach his all-star potential tonight?  And that Lowell guy?  Another double or two would be nice.  And Tito, well give Tito the wisdom to know when a pitcher is done and when NOT to pull his guys for ‘a day off’.  That would be good.

Okay, I think we might be getting too greedy.  Lord, forget everything we’ve asked for thus far.  Except the smiting thing.  Let Pauley smite the Yankees.
Smite them hard and long and make them wish they never humiliated Josh Beckett.  That would be the best gift of all.

Oh yeah, and see what you can do about making an errant ball hit Johnny Damon on his ‘broken foot’ would you?

As always, we remain your humble servants.

Go Sox!

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