An odd loss

"Odd" in that when I left the park tonight, none of the Red Sox fans were really acting like the Sox lost.  All anyone was talking about was Jonathan Papelbon.  Sure, no one was happy to witness a loss…but you know, the way the Sox have been playing, one loss to the Yanks isn’t the end of the world.

So that was nice.  Papelbon looked great as usual.  He’s the real deal, folks.

It was an exciting game, but I, of course, wish it had ended differently.  Peeking around at the Yankees bloggers tonight, I guess Manny annoyed some of them by pimping before his homer (from my vantage point in right field with rows of people standing in front of my 5’2 body, I didn’t see it)…that cracks me up.  It’s okay for Yankees players to pump their fists after every play…and to take curtain calls after homeruns in April, but Manny admires a beauty of a homerun and they’re all calling for him to be hit.  Hey, if you want to put a guy on base just because he’s good – have at it.  Kind of makes me laugh that their team won tonight, saving themselves from being 3.5 games behind, and the big issue is Manny pimping at the plate.  (Manny, by the way, went 3-5…he did his best to try and get the win.)

Some notes from Fenway:

  • Who the he11 brings a $900 pocketbook to a baseball game?  The drunk chick behind me who spent the entire time game trying to pick up the guy behind HER who was only interested in the fact that she kept buying him drinks, THAT’S who.
  • Yankees fan to me tonight – "I expected more people yelling ‘Yankees Suhk’.  More people told those guys to shut up than were chanting"…it was  nice to hear a Yankees fan say that.  Every time the chant started it, Red Sox fans yelled it down.
  • Along those same lines, the "You’re G&yRod’s girlfriend/you’re Jeter’s girlfriend" chants are pretty stupid as well.  And I hate the ‘name’ "G#yRod",  I much prefer "Slappy".
  • On the other hand…"You took steroids" to Gary Sheffield=priceless.  By the end of the game, the majority of the park was chanting this.  It sounded great.  And Sheffroid struck out swinging in the most ugly way.
  • (The Royals lost again tonight…that actually makes me sadder than the Sox losing tonight)
  • Luis Tiant threw out the first pitch tonight and got a raucous standing ovation.  And I wish I remembered the name of the college kid who sang the National Anthem, he was amazing.
  • JT Snow isn’t exactly making himself appealing trade bait, is he?
  • And our Captain is still struggling.
  • My friend Kelly was at the Worcester Tornados game while I was at the Red Sox game and we were texting each other throughout the night.  We both came up with the idea to post the ‘conversation’ and I think she’ll be doing it on the "Sistahs" blog at some point.
  • I love Boston cab drivers.  I take a lot of cabs alone and I get a little nervous sometimes (hey, I’ve seen "The Bone Collector")…but the cab drivers I’ve encountered thus far, always seem to take care of me.  Once it was a cabbie getting me home when I was, well let’s just say in a bad way…tonight it was a cabbie blowing by two different groups of people to come and pick ME up because "you’re alone…it’s not good to be alone out here".
  • More proof that female Yankees fans are ‘worse’ than males.  Yet again, I witnessed a woman Yankees fan getting hauled out of the park because she was screaming obscenities at Red Sox fans.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this.  Well, at least I didn’t see a fist fight tonight.
  • Well, at least I got home in time for "Cheap Seats"
  • I’m 2 for 2 at Schilling games and 0-2 at Wakefield games.
  • I’m back at Fenway tomorrow night.  Four rows behind home plate….five seats in.  Which means, more than likely you’ll see me if you’re watching the game tomorrow.  I’ll be shutting my cell phone off because I REFUSE to be one of ‘those’ people.  Hopefully The Big Cranky Boy will still be in his craptastic form and Matt Clement will give me the win he so owes me.

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