Oh what a night!

Corabeatsthethrowmay22Alex Cora is my player of the game.  His glove, his bat, his feet…he did it all tonight!  Thanks, Alex!

Oh who am I kidding?  Curt deserves the honors too.  What a great game he pitched!  Man, I’m so happy for him!  I’m sorry, once again I have to question Tito’s decision.  99 pitches – you could have brought him in for the ninth.  Instead, we get Foulke’s implosion which, luckily, didn’t hurt the team.

Hey, ARod got another meaningless homerun!  Good for him!

Just saw that Frank Thomas is 3-3 with two homeruns so far against the White Sox.  First of all, kudos to the White Sox fans for the amazing reception they gave The Big Hurt.  Thomas was always one of my favorite non-Red Sox.  I’m very happy to see him go back to Chicago, get the love he deserves from the fans and shove it right up Kenny Williams’ behind.  Ozzie Guillen got thrown out of the game.  That’s a nice little extra.  🙂

Bronson pitched himself to another win tonight.  As you folks know, this makes me very happy.

Standingsmay222006bWe found out today that Wells will be pitching on Friday versus the Devil Rays.  This doesn’t make me as happy.  But I’m guessing it thrills Lenny Dinardo.

Cardinals/Giants game s just getting underway.  I haven’t checked, but I’m  assuming it’s on Extra Innings.  I can’t wait to see Albert Pujols show Bonds how it’s done.  🙂

The team winning tonight has made me even that much more excited about hitting Fenway these next two days!

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