Monday Night Joe Morgan

He just said on Baseball Tonight that the reason ARod isn’t doing so well is because Yankees fans boo him.

So, work on that Yankees fans, would you?

(Is this guy for real?  He also said they boo him because he hasn’t helped the team win a championship yet – and they DON’T boo Jeter because HE has.  Again, another case of Joe talking about something he knows nothing about, because they have certainly booed Jeter before at Yankee Stadium!)

Oh, and he totally ripped off Gammons and passed it off as his own.  He just said that it’s his belief that ARod would have done better in Boston than in New York.  Except he gave nothing to back this up.

Funny, Peter Gammons floated this exact theory and had pieces of information behind him to support it…LAST NIGHT on Sunday Night Baseball.  Does Joe think we don’t watch?

(One of Gammons line items – ARod would be playing shortstop in Boston…his natural position…and there wouldn’t be as many errors.)

So to sum up, it’s the fault of booing Yankees fans that ARod isn’t Mr. Clutch…and when Joe comes up with an ORIGINAL thought, he’s stolen it from someone else.

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