Cocoshirt_1I’ve mentioned here before that I buy lots of Red Sox gear.  I have various jerseys, caps and t-shirts dating back to 2002 (anything prior to that was lost in a house fire). 

I usually don’t shop through MLB stores because, quite frankly, it’s a bit pricey around those parts.  But Mark, our gift guru, is a good guy.  So I go read  his blog when I think of it.  And he suggested in his blog, this Coco Crisp t-shirt not too long ago.

I thought I saw it (or at least the back of it) at Fenway my first time there.  (Now I know it was a different shirt I saw at Fenway.)  I was very excited and even thought it was priced relatively well.  So I bought it.

It came in the mail today…and I’m sending it back.


Glad  you asked.

See the picture?  See the number on the back of the t-shirt?  It’s 10.  You know why?  Because 10 is Coco’s number.  Funny how that works, huh?

Well, guess what number is on the back of the t-shirt I received today?

12.  Number 12.  The number Coco started with before Tony Graffanino left the team.  In SPRING TRAINING.  Coco hasn’t been number 12 since March.

Now, had they advertised this shirt with the number 12 on the back, that would be one thing.  I understand they need to get this stuff made to START the season – and I’ve seen a few number 12 shirts at Fenway.  But I’m not buying one.

And I DIDN’T buy one.  I bought a number 10.  So after a bit of discussion with on the phone, I am returning my shirt and getting a refund.  The offer to replace my shirt with a number 10 wasn’t made.  I’m guessing they don’t exist as of yet and they’re waiting to sell all the number 12s before they start selling the number 10s. 

If that is the case…they need to change their advertisement.

(Can you tell I’m avoiding the monstrosity of a game going on right now?)

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