Opening Day at Fenway!

Ortiztheo The good and the bad.

The good?  I have a day off today and will be at Fenway with my friend Kelly!

The bad?    We don’t have tickets to the game and our friend Dale won’t be with us.  We’ll hoist one for you, Cruiser and we’ll miss you!

The good?  The Red Sox just signed David Ortiz to a four-year at 12.5m per season.  Papi had two more seasons on his contract and then he could have let Steinbrenner buy his soul.  But he didn’t.  Why?

”This is not all about David Ortiz. This is about the group of guys that play together day by day. Whenever something happens to any of these guys, the whole Nation feels that.

”I can feel that. I can see that. I can see as long as I’ve been here any time we walk away from a player or a player walks away from us, people feel that. I think our fans, they need to hear some good news, something nice coming through the organization. The past couple of years I think people were just getting annoyed with it."

The first time I read that, my jaw dropped.  He thinks the fans need to hear good news.  Who says stuff like that?

Big Papi, that’s who.  Quiver with annoyance, Mr. Steinbrenner.

But wait, there is the bad:  Coco Crisp has a ‘nondisplaced fracture’ at the base of his index finger.  Otherwise known as a ‘broken knuckle’.  Luckily, thanks to Theo and Rule 5, we have Adam Stern to pick up the slack.  And I don’t say that sarcastically.  A quick search through my archives will show you I was all for using Stern as our centerfielder (true, I wanted Coco…but you can’t always get what you want).  This is the perfect time to see what he can do…the beginning of the season.  This would upset me a lot more if it happened in September.

And finally:

The good?  Mark Mulder hit a homerun for the Cardinals.  In their new stadium.  And the Cards won.  I’m digging the offense from the pitchers lately!

The bad?  No Red Sox baseball  last night.  But that all changes at 2:05pm today with one Mr. Josh Beckett on the mound!

Have a great day, folks!  I know I intend to!

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