Bronson scores, Wily Mo…well, not so much…

410w What a great day!  Kelly and I spent it at "Game On! " and, honestly, I think the only way I could have had more fun was if I was sitting IN Fenway!  We both won t-shirts answering trivia questions for ‘women fans’.  (I won on "What is Coco Crisp’s real name?" and Kelly won with "Who is playing center field today in place of Coco?" – I swear people think women are stupid.)

Mike Lowell went 4-4 today.  Take that nay-sayers!  Beckett chilled out after another rocky first inning (yet again, it seems that the issue is he shakes off Varitek in the first inning…at least, that’s what it seems to be to me).  Adam Stern filled in quite nicely for Coco (and even sang "O Canada" before the game with a local singing group)…and Wily Mo Pena – well, let’s just say I still want Bronson back. 

Keith Foulke is really trying to work his way back…with no help from Mr. Pena. 

Pena doesn’t quite ‘get it’.  After blowing the catch at the wall…and then making two basic catches…the Fenway Faithful (and all of us at Game On as well) gave him the traditional mock cheer.  His response to that?

“That was incredible,” he said. “It gave like more energy to me. They’re happy here, whatever you do.”

1144785111_4179 Jeez.  Even mock cheers are inspiring to this team.  Gotta love it.  Don’t let that sh*t happen again, Wily.  (Favorite new names for Pena – Dale called him "Wily No" and Cynthia’s husband calls him "Wily Less".)

The team just looks flat out great right now.  Sure, it’s only 7 games into the season, but who cares?  The look GREAT.  As I said to Kelly today, ‘how nice is it to have a complete infield?".

Bronson Arroyo hit another home run today.  While watching the Sox on many a tv, we also got to watch the Reds game, the Nationals game and the Yankees game.  At one point Kelly asks me, "Why are they showing Bronson’s homerun from last week?"  – we found out soon enough that they were showing Bronson’s homerun from TODAY.  2 homeruns.  To quote my friend Kay, "he has more homeruns than Manny!".  Let’s not forget, he also won the game.  Bronson is 2-0.

How’s Wily Mo working out so far, Theo?

Favorite play(s) of the day:  Two double plays that really saved Beckett’s cheese.

Loretta, Gonzalez and Youkilis, really making things work.  Have I mentioned that  love our infield?

All in all, I’m a happy chickie.  I had a great day with Kelly and the Sox – and the Sox and Bronson made it even better.  I also got an invite by another friend to the game on Thursday (thanks Michael!!!)…so it’s been a really, really good day.

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