Theo and the Prom

Thest2006 I’m not sure how I missed this story.  I’m thinking it is because the original story came out of the Boston Herald and I pretty much ignore the Boston Herald sports page, but today more than one person pointed it out to me and I couldn’t let it go without remarking.

Basically, two girls from Maine went to spring training with signs that read "Theo, we’re excited you didn’t go" and "will you go to the prom with me".

After asking when their prom was, Theo autographed the sign asking about the prom with "Yes" and his name.

Now, even the girls don’t know if he’ll really go.  The prom is on May 12 (the Red Sox are home, playing against the Rangers) and in Boston, so the possibility is really good.

I just get a kick out of the entire situation.  I mean, where else but in Red Sox Nation would teenage girls ask the GM of a major league baseball team to their prom…and what other GM would actually say ‘yes’?

Just another example of why Red Sox fans are so die hard, not only for their team but for Theo as well.

Count me among the many who are terribly happy that Theo is back!

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