It is 8 degrees in Boston

Lennystwave So it’s a little hard to get into the ‘baseball’ state of mind this morning.

Although here is an interesting article on David Wells.  Apparently, Boomer didn’t show up for picture day.  I guess he doesn’t want to be seen in a Red Sox jersey since he wants to be traded.  Fella needs to realize, he isn’t exactly trade bait any longer and the Red Sox aren’t just going to dump him for nothing just because it is what he wants.

LennyitalypicturedayWhatever happened to honoring your contract or, I don’t know, being a MAN about things?

I see no comparison to Manny here.  Don’t get me wrong, Manny makes me crazy with his ‘antics’ but he still shows up for the team.  Wells hasn’t even put any pitching weight on the knee he had surgery on, but he thinks there is another team out there that wants him?  Man needs a major ego check.

Lenny Dinardo beefcake to help keep me warm.  Have a great day, folks!

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