Hot Stove, Cool Music, Baby

Well it was a nice weekend!  Meeting the new blood on Saturday and then going to the Hot Stove, Cool Music concert last night.  P1010138 I took a boatload of pictures (some you see here) yet again – too many to put here.  So if you’re interested in seeing them all, check out my pictures from the event here.  I have a good camera…but definitely not a "professional" one.  It hates bad weather and darkness…so alot of the pictures are a bit fuzzy…but there are still some good ones. 

The bands were great – especially "Furvis" and "The Gentlemen" (although there are no pictures of the bands up yet…eventually there will be).  We were right up against the stage…great view.  The guys even came over and signed autographs.  It was so P1010660_1much fun and for a really good cause.

It was a little sad too.  Seeing Theo over and over just kept remind me that he isn’t with the team any longer.  Although he made many jokes in regard to his employment status that makes me think that MAYBE he IS considering coming back to the team.  I guess we’ll soon see.

Peter Gammons comes out every year and puts a lot of effort into the show…as does Theo and all the acts that donate their time.  If you’ve never been…the plan is to do another one at Fenway this summer – you should definitely make plans to go.  It’s a lot of fun, there is a lot of cool stuff (autograph signings, silent and live auctions…). 

Once again…thanks to the Boston Red Sox (and Theo and Gammons) for not only giving their support to a great cause, but for letting the fans have so much fun while they do!

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