More on Johnny

Or should that be "mo ron" Johnny?

My apologies to everyone who reads this blog and is thinking "MORE complaining about Johnny Damon?".  But yes.  Much more.

I was never a big fan of his.  Didn’t DISlike him.  Was sick when he smashed heads with Damien Jackson in Oakland back in 2003.  Was thrilled when he came back for the ALCS.  Was irritated by his whole "idiots" mantra in 2004, but happy he was part of the World Series team.  Was totally disgusted with his book in the off-season last year.  Showing that the idiot persona wasn’t an act and that he had the moral fiber of a sewer rat.  I was convinced he would tank in the 2005 season because he would be so obsessed with his newfound fame.  He didn’t.

He came through for us big and he pulled me in.  He became my goddaughter’s favorite player and one of mine as well.  Even seeing him drunk in person at Bronson Arroyo’s cd party the night before a Yankees game didn’t upset me.

But this does.  I guess if you can betray the mother of your children, betraying the fans who adored you is a quick step to the left. 

He’s a great lead-off hitter.  No argument there.  But that is pretty much it.  Everything else is either bad or annoying and yet the Red Sox fans embraced him.  I have a feeling the same won’t happen in New York. 

Special thanks to the New York fans who commented here and emailed me…none of whom wrote things like "in your face".  Awfully nice of you to acknowledge that while this is good for your team, it’s lousy for the Red Sox fans.

Not the team.  I mean it’s a little lousy for the team…but I’m not worried in that regard.  They’ll find a centerfielder who can actually throw the ball to the infield.  That isn’t my problem.  My problem is I was naive enough to believe Johnny when he said he cared about the fans and about playing in Boston.  As his ex-wife found out, he’s nothing but a liar.  Unlike Embree, Bellhorn and Myers before him, I don’t really wish Johnny luck in New York.  I wish him a bad season and unrelenting abuse from the media and fans.

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