From the mouths of babes

I have a four year old niece, Madison.  She’s a huge Red Sox fan just like her godmother.  When she started REALLY paying attention to the Sox in 2003, she would list her favorite players as "Pedro, Nomar, Manny, Papi, Dougie…".  In 2004 that changed.  Her favorite players were "Johnny Damon and Manny".

Yesterday, when I got home she greeted me at the door:

"Did you hear about Johnny? (I sadly nod) He BROKE my heart!!!!!!!!!! (little hands clasped to her chest)"

She then proceeded to tell everyone who called the house the same thing…adding to one of my cousins, "I’m really upset. So is Auntie."

She DID tell me that she still loves him…but she WON’T root for him as long as he’s on the "Ankees". (We can’t figure out why she won’t say "Yankees" it’s always "Ankees" and she can pronounce her Ys)

She kept saying to me during dinner, "I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.".

I still can’t believe it either.  Once again greed wins over everything else.

The number of Red Sox fans who are genuinely hurt by this is staggering.

So if you’re a fan of another team and you’re taking joy in our pain, well that says a lot about you.  Think about the most visible and popular player on your team going to your team’s rival…and multiply that by a million.

Had Johnny gone anywhere else this wouldn’t be close to the big deal that it is.

But he didn’t.  He went to New York.  The only upside is I no longer have to watch his fake-breasted, no-talent wife on NESN.  Thank God for small favors.

Ah yes…good luck New York.  You thought Anna Benson cornered the market on talentless wives of baseball players getting more publicity and press than their husbands didn’t you?  You haven’t met Michelle and the twins yet.

Rumors around Boston are that Mrs. Damon is a major reason for Johnny’s betrayal of Red Sox Nation.  Funny, somehow I don’t see YES making her the public figure NESN did. 

Man, I’m still mad.  Didn’t think I would be, but I am. 

Well, Johnny ruined a lot of Christmases this year.  I can only hope that his noodle arm and noodle head get the treatment they deserve in the Bronx.

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