Things just keep going

In today’s Globe, Eric Wilbur basically accuses the Red Sox of making moves just for the sake of making headlines.  Well, I happen to think Wilbur is a hack and one of the anti-front office bandwagoner so I don’t give him much credit.  But it’s interesting reading if for no other reason than it does bring up the point that in the middle of another playoff-bound Patriots season, most Boston sports fans are focussed on baseball.  He actually whines about it, but as a baseball fan, I love it.Gabe2_1

So now we have the two-headed GM.  Welcome to your new jobs Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington.  I’m still reading up on these guys, but so far I like what I see.  These guys were there for the 2004 season and that alone makes me feel a little more comfortable with the Sox hiring from within.

Of course, I’m convinced that Theo will be running this team come (at the latest) the regular season, so I’m viewing all this as window-dressing.  Sorry Jed and Ben.  Maybe I’m wrong…we’ll all eventually see, eh?

Nice baseball moment for me today.  I got to meet Gabe Kapler!Gabe_2 These are a couple of pictures I got at Newbury Comics today.  The guy was an absolute doll!  And I never found him all that attractive "that way", but that all has changed today.  It was a very nice way to spend an hour – thanks Gabe!  (I asked him how he was feeling and he responded "Great!  How are YOU feeling?)  Great, Gabe.  Just great.  🙂

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