Nomar in Pinstripes?

No need to writhe in pain, Nomie, Nomar_writhing_in_pain_1 apparently someone wants you!  According to George King, the Yankees are interested in Nomar for a first baseman.  Actually, according to RealGM Baseball, they made him an offer.  During the 2005 season, I would have been bugged by this.  In 2004, I would have been sick.  Now?  I honestly don’t care too much.  Nomar went from being thisclose to being the 60 million dollar man, to eking out a career in MLB year by year.  My favorite part of Nomar possibly being a Yankee?   Watching Baseball Tonight in 2006 every time the Yankees lose so I can hear someone say "ARod, Jeter and Nomar ALL on the same team, and they STILL can’t beat the Blue Jays".

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