The Dirtdogs beat The Gambler

And I sustain my belief in the Baseball God!

The Sox gave Kenny Rogers the welcome he deserved last night.  A big old butt-whooping.

Hooray for the boys!

All the offense was fun…and seeing Bronson settle down and PITCH was great.  But the best part of the game had to be Trot Nixon getting thrown out of a game he wasn’t even "in" for flipping out about the blown homerun call against Gabe Kapler.

Nixon has to be one of the least-appreciated players in all of MLB.  When you hear the often over-used term "dirtdog" he is the guy who exemplifies it.

I took a lot of pictures of him when I was in Philly because at the Saturday game Kay and I sat in the FRONT row in right field so he was RIGHT in front of us…and I inadvertantly got a shot of his dirtdog tattoo…(here’s a closeup)Trotstat_2 .  The guy is just a badass…the way he plays, the way he defends his teammates.  Gabe Kapler couldn’t say enough good things about him last night.

Granted, since he’s been back from Japan, all Gabe Kapler seems to do is praise the team, the fans, the City, the media…here’s a guy just happy to be back!

So the Sox swept the Rangers…and now the White Sox are in town for the weekend.

I can’t wait…three days at Fenway…I’m all over the park this weekend.  In the Monster Seats on Friday, behind the Sox on-deck circle Saturday and in right field on Sunday.  I’ll be in heaven. 

And I think the boys have a good chance of taking this series…but God knows I don’t dare jinx it!

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