Scratch those Sweet Dreams…

Bronson is pitching tomorrow.

Against Kenny Rogers.

Bronson needs to get his head back into baseball.  I love him…and I’ve been supporting his music (bought a couple of his cds…been to 2 of his appearances…) but enough is enough.  Pitch the freaking ball Bronson…and field your freaking position.  Don’t think this is too much to ask, darlin’.  Not at all.

And Kenny Rogers?  Are they kidding me?  Some idiot arbitrator (is that what they’re called?) decides he has been punished too harshly?  Yes, manhandling a cameraman who isn’t instigating anything…I’m stunned they gave him any reprimand at all.

I hope every person in the Park tomorrow night boos Rogers loudly and all night long.  And I am NOTORIOUS for being AGAINST booing players.  Not this time.

And I hope the media here hounds the heck out of him and sets him off again, if for no other reason than to show that idiot arbitrator (?) how wrong he/she was.

If there is a baseball God (and as I said before, October 27, 2004, proved to me there IS), the Red Sox will take batting practice off of Rogers and run him out of the game early.

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