A Christmas Carol – American Shakespeare Center/BlkFrs TV – December 2020

So the first fifteen (fifteen) minutes of this show is a mini-Christmas concert. Not the worst. The music was pleasant. But not exactly what I was expecting. Then they go into story-telling mode beginning with how people used to sit in theaters and watch them perform WITHOUT having to wear masks.

I know it’s hypocritical to applaud acknowledging how different things are right now in one show and criticize it in another but here it just felt very forced. There was no emotion behind it. And then they started singing again. 

I clocked it. 18 minutes and 24 seconds in we got “Marley was dead…” 

The musicians were also the actors, never changing from their Victorian clothes for their parts (as an example, Scrooge’s love was in pantaloons) except for Scrooge and the spirits and the Cratchit children, excluding Tiny Tim, were portrayed by puppets.

If anything THIS was the ‘reimagined’ Christmas Carol and, honestly, I wasn’t having it. It wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t my bag.

Maybe it was my mood. Maybe it was the form of storytelling. But it wasn’t for me.


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