About the Playbills

My mother’s Playbill from a date she went on with my Dad
Occasionally on this blog I write about a show I saw a long time ago and include some photos from the Playbill. Over the last few years I decided to start tracking down Playbills from the shows I’ve seen whose Playbills I didn’t save. I’ve only really been saving Playbills since around 2016 and I’ve been going to the theater since the 1970s…so I have my work cut out for me!

My plan is to go through each show as I can with memories of the show, the time, whatever comes up. This is my own vanity project because it worries me a little how easily it has been for me to forget. So this is going to be a written history of my theater viewing to help me remember. If it entertains anyone who happens upon it, that’ll be nice too.

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