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Unless I’m going to that day’s game, which hasn’t happened in a while, Sundays are a tough day for me to actually sit and watch an entire Red Sox game.  It’s probably the busiest day of my week so I’m either running around and peeking on scores or I’m home with the television on the game while I catch up on things around the house that I need to do.  Usually the only Sunday game that has my complete attention is the 8pm ESPN game.

But, oddly enough, today, on this Sunday, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to watch both games in their entirety.  I’m hoping this is a good thing.

Something that is getting lost in all the panic about the horrid September the Red Sox are having is if they, in fact, DON’T make it to the playoffs, we’re watching the last few games where we will see them until February.  The end of the regular season, regardless of where the Red Sox are in the standings, is always a bit of a sad time for me. I hate to see baseball go.  And while the playoffs seem to last forever the schedule is so different from the regular season that you can really feel the loss.  Now if I’m bummed about the end of the season, how do the fans of 22 teams that won’t make the playoffs  feel? (I’m still of the mind that the Red Sox will be playing in October.)

Let’s not think about that today.  Today let’s focus on Yankee Stadium and the Red Sox finally ripping themselves out of this slump and taking these two games today.

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