Is this fun?

I’m all over the place this morning.

First off, I just have to say that while I get it’s easier to edit a game that began at 1pm than it is to edit a game that began at 7:10pm and went on for almost four hours, I still found it ridiculous that NESN chose the game that the Red Sox lost yesterday to re-air last night.  Plenty of us are crazy enough to stay up to watch (or re-watch) a win…when you have the choice, why show the loss?  Luckily, I actually did get to see the second game yesterday and not the first so it all worked out well for me.

I had a job interview yesterday where it seemed half of it was spent discussing the Red Sox (initiated by my interviewer, not by me!).   All over Boston I was still seeing Red Sox gear and there were people “watching” the game on their cell phones.  If there is “panic” in Red Sox Nation I haven’t found it out with the people.  As a matter of fact, I went up to one guy, decked out in a Red Sox hat and Big Papi jersey, and asked him how he was feeling about the team.  He was a little bit older than me and I expected him, for some reason, to start ranting about how terrible they were and he surprised me by telling me he was enjoying the season and was excited about the playoffs.  When I pointed out that the playoffs weren’t guaranteed he said to me, “I know.  But isn’t it fun that each game means something?”.

I’m not convinced that this month of baseball has been fun but last night certainly was.  Sure it was possibly the worst pitched game of the season but any time I can witness Buck Showalter’s team getting a beatdown it’s a good day.  An inside the park homer, a grand slam, Jed Lowrie with 4 RBI including a three-run home run over the Green Monster…this was some fun in spite of John Lackey.

I wish someone knew what the deal was with Lackey (or, more accurately, I wish someone was more forthcoming with information about what the deal is with him).  I absolutely sympathize with his off the field issues and hope that everything turns out all right with his wife.  There is a part of me that hopes this is all residual effects of what is going on at home and once their trials are over he’ll bounce back.  But I also had hoped if this was the case that he’d be smart enough to realize he isn’t helping anyone by trying to play through this and maybe he should just go home and forget about baseball for the season.  Much like I would rather see Kevin Youkilis on the bench right now because although I know he wants to play he wasn’t contributing anything positive to the team when he was playing while hurt.  The other option is that Lackey really just isn’t that good anymore and the team would have to deal with that…and there is really no way to discover if that’s true, I suppose.  (Another option that no one has flown is that he’s hiding some injury – or has an injury no one is aware of…I suppose that’s a better option than “he just stinks”.)  I like John Lackey and I hope everything turns out all right with his family…and I’d also like to see him stop stinking up the mound.

If they could clone Alfredo Aceves before the season is over, I would enjoy that very much.  Get cracking on that, Theo, all right?

After having to endure the Kyle Weiland/John Lackey day of torture, tonight we get Érik Bédard, whose last start was September 3rd. Are we having fun yet?

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