Holy Cow, I’m happy

Yes, tell me it doesn’t mean much given the Red Sox have dominated the Yankees this season and are only one game ahead of them in the standings. All I know is the Red Sox held the Yankees to nine runs this entire weekend and beat not only CC Sabathia but Mariano Rivera as well (well, Mo didn’t get the loss but he blew the save). They were an uncharacteristically bad Jon Lester inning away from sweeping the Yankees, yet again, and they clinched the season series. Add to that the two wins this weekend happening on national television and Josh Reddick proving me right (I kept telling people that I’m not “afraid” of Mariano Rivera when it comes to the Red Sox facing him) and my lack of sleep this weekend was totally worth it.

The only downside to last night was listening to Bobby Valentine bitching about the length of the game (especially how long Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon take on the mound between pitches) and the writers getting paid to cover the game complaining about it on Twitter seemingly non-stop.  I would absolutely get fans complaining…those at the park trying to figure out how they are getting out of Boston after midnight on a Sunday night and those at home debating staying up and being beat for work on Monday.  But I didn’t read any of that.  Just a lot of whining from people who were getting paid to be at the game last night.  Drives me absolutely crazy.

Sure it was long, but short of Jacoby Ellsbury and Jason Varitek seemingly stranding the world last night, it was four and a half hours of fun and entertaining baseball.  That is what we ask for and that is what we got.

I received a handful  of emails overnight from Yankees fans I know telling me not to get too excited because this series means very little in the grand scheme of things.  Here’s what I say…my team just won a weekend series and moved into sole possession of first place.  While it probably doesn’t really matter which team it happened against, happening against their rivals and the team they were tied for first place with, it means a bit more. Denying that sounds of sour grapes to me. Besides, Joe Girardi was managing that game like it sure meant a lot to him.  And while at the time I thought it was a stupid quote to relay, the ESPN guys made a point of telling us that Girardi “wanted to win this series” yet they didn’t have a similar quote from Tito.  (I mean OBVIOUSLY they both wanted to win the series, which is what I yelled to the tv when they mentioned it, but Girardi over-managed himself this time, it seems to me.)

It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?

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