Did you miss the baseball game?

Very happy for the Bruins.  Happy for all the fans, especially for folks like my dad who never stopped paying attention to their team, and I’m really happy for Cam Neely (and Tim Thomas and Mark Recchi and Nathan Horton and, hell, the whole lot of them!).  Living in the Boston area and being a sports fan is an entirely different experience in 2011 than it was in, let’s say, 1991.  It’s a wonderful feeling and we’re quite the fortunate fan base.

But I’m not here to write about hockey* because I was one of what seemed like only a handful of people who actually watched the Red Sox game as well.  Josh Beckett threw a complete game, shutout, one-hitter last night against the Tampa Bay Rays last night.  His pitches were filthy ridiculous and save for a cheap single he had what everyone considered “no-hit stuff”.  He only faced one batter over the minimum at the Trop and while Jeremy Hellickson pitched a heck of a game too, Beckett dominated like we fans knew he could.

At 3:30pm today, NESN will air the two-hour version of last night’s game (given the game only took two hours and twenty minutes to play, they won’t be editing out much)…take a few minutes off from your Bruins joy (if you are a Bruins fan) and take a look at some amazing pitching.

*I feel terrible for diehard hockey fans because this playoff season has shown me how little coverage the sport gets nationally.  Unless you have hockey blogs bookmarked, finding coverage is tough. When you have to wait for “news” about how the NBA and NFL might not be playing to get Stanley Cup coverage, it is obvious the sport is all but ignored by the World Wide Leader.  Poor form, ESPN.

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