A Win for (almost) Everybody

So, yes, I was ready to tar and feather Bobby Jenks yesterday.  Not just for tying up the game but for blowing Tim Wakefield’s opportunity at a win.  I also had some choice words for Tito when he took Wake out of the game for Jenks.  But all of that fell quietly away while I watched Carl Crawford get that game-winning hit.

To see Crawford get his first post-game pile on there on Fenway’s grass is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  It took an entire month, but I finally got my “moment” (okay we all did!).  Most importantly, the Sox salvaged a win in this series and are starting the month of May off on the right foot.

I’ll be at Fenway tomorrow night with friends I haven’t been to a game with in quite a while.  That will be fun in itself.  Jon Lester throwing a perfect game (okay just another no-hitter) would be a cherry on that sundae!

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