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Sandi Fenwick, Holly Beckett, Josh Beckett & Jason Oberle from The Josh Beckett Foundation hold a $100k check from proceeds generated by last year's Beckett Bowl. Â (Photo courtesy of The Josh Beckett Foundation and Altus Marketing and Management and used with permission.

Okay, so we’ve seen the team (finally) win their first game, then we saw them win a series (or two) and now, with the same game, we’ve seen them win a game on the road and all five starting pitchers have at least one “w” under their belt.  Add to this there being no “When will Papi hit his first home run” and all we have left to deal with from the media is “When will Carl Crawford become Carl Crawford?”.  I’d say we’re doing all right.

This has been the longest 17-game stretch I can remember.  I’m worn out and I’m not even playing.  And now we have three late night games to look forward to (tonight and tomorrow at 10:05 and Saturday at 9:05).  If they can bring us wins, I won’t complain about how sleepy I am!

I watched some of yesterday’s game on my cell phone while I was in church.  Bobby Jenks caused me to think bad thoughts while there but at least it all ended well.


Random stat that probably doesn’t mean anything but makes me happy: Jonathan Papelbon currently sports a 2.84 ERA and has 3 saves this year.

Blog suggestion for the day:  The Josh Beckett Foundation seems to be making the blog rounds, asking for help in promoting their good work.  I’m always more than happy to help out but instead of giving you a duplicate post of what is said here, I send you to Denton at Surviving Grady for the info on how to support the Foundation, help out Children’s Hospital AND win a tricked-out Jeep Wrangler.

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