More Wins Please

Welcome home, indeed, Jed. Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission.

At midnight I began watching the replay of Saturday’s game (having watched most of it in real time) and fell asleep with it on.  It was one of those restless sleeps where I was half asleep but could still hear the rain outside as well as the television and when Jed Lowrie hit his home run, I dreamed that they revealed his picture on a box of Wheaties at Fenway Park during a rain delay.

Today is Jed’s 27th birthday.  Along with other good things coming to him, I hope he gets another start.  It’s tough for me to watch Marco Scutaro get pushed out of his position but it’s also tough to watch Marco struggle knowing a productive Jed is on the bench.

“This is back to back games where Beckett is right on target”…so said Jerry Remy.  Beckett had his second great game in a row.  This time striking out nine and only giving up three hits and one earned run in seven innings.  He and Jonathan Papelbon now share ERAs of 1.80.

It was a good win (and for the cynical, prior to yesterday, Beckett’s ERA against Toronto over the last three years was 11.80 with a total of zero wins.  It’s fair to say, he has trouble against the Blue Jays) and here’s hoping it is the first of many.  I’ll take a 10-game winning streak, sure.

The Red Sox are 3-10 and 5 games out of first place.  The Minnesota Twins are 4-10, the Seattle Mariners and New York Mets are 4-11 and the Houston Astros are 5-10.  Seattle is the farthest back in their division at 6.5 game out.  I mention all this because the Red Sox might hold the worst record in baseball, right now, but they certainly aren’t the only team struggling.  Heck, this week alone the Mets have had two doubleheaders and lost them both.  Joe Nathan, closer for the Twins, has blown two saves in a row to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Misery is spreading across MLB but it can’t last forever, right?

One win at a time works for me.

A shout out to Kristin F who was the first person to email me the correct answer to Friday’s contest question.  She has a copy of Remembering Fenway Park coming her way!  Thanks to every one for joining in!  There will be another contest coming up soon!


Random stat that probably doesn’t mean anything but sounds great (with thanks to Bruce Allen over at Boston Sports Media Watch):  In 2001, the Oakland A’s started 2-10 going 9-18 and  didn’t get over .500 for good until July 8th and went on to win 102 games.

Blog suggestion for the day:  Beth over at Cursed to First relays the Legend of Jed Lowrie.

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