I Have a Surprise for You!

I'm going to let you guess what we named our team. Â (Hint, they didn't put down our last score...which was 9) Brought us good luck!

Oh how we’ll laugh about this past week come October!

In the meantime, I’m not here to write about last night’s game.  I’m here with some good news…but first a little bit of background.

Las night I attended an event run by Tickets for Charity and sponsored by Narragansett Beer. It brought together some local bloggers so we could learn about what Tickets for Charity does, network with fellow bloggers and enjoy free ‘Gansett and appetizers all at Jerry Remy’s Bar and Grill.  I’ve followed Tickets for Charity on Twitter for a while now but never had a very clear understanding of what they were about, so it was interesting to find out exactly how they work.  You can read specifics here but the short version is, instead of using an outside ticket source that ups the face value of tickets (for sporting events, concerts and other events), if you go to Tickets for Charity, the money you pay over face value goes directly to charity.  This relates to the Red Sox in that Tickets for Charity is in a partnership with them and the money spent on Red Sox tickets goes to the Red Sox Foundation.

So last night I’m networking along with Kelly O’Connor and enjoying myself at Remy’s in spite of the Red Sox score when it is announced that we’ll be playing a game to win some prizes.  The game was Taboo (or, really, a form of Password using the Taboo buzzer and timer).  Without using our hands we had to give clues so our partner could guess the word printed on a card.  All the words were related to Tickets for Charity, the event we were at and Boston Red Sox baseball.

Yeah, Kelly and I pretty much kicked butt.  There were three rounds, two plus the final between only two of the five teams and we scored 6,6 and 9.  It was fun and became exciting when we realized we had won.  I’m not overly competitive but it was sweet winning what we did.

And I’m telling you all this why?  Well the good people at Tickets for Charity not only gave me two tickets to Opening Day tomorrow at Fenway for ME to use, but they gave me two tickets to Opening Day tomorrow at Fenway to give away to my readers!  Not too shabby, eh?

Time is short.  Red Sox play today at noon in Cleveland and open tomorrow at 2pm in Boston.  So first the rules:  You’ll have to trust that I will meet you at Fenway and give you the tickets in person because I won’t be able to get them to anyone today.  The second is that the contest will run from the moment I hit “publish” on this entry (which will probably be just after 7am ET) until 2pm ET today.  Probably a little under 7 hours so my late morning/early afternoon readers have as much of a chance as my early morning folks.  Oh yes, and how do you win the tickets?  Simple.  You’re going to answer a trivia question about ME.  Let’s see how much you pay attention to my ramblings!  Send the answer to contests@toeingtherubber.com and when today’s Red Sox/Indians game is over a winner will randomly be chosen from all the correct responses.  (To keep it fair, I won’t be the one choosing.  An unbiased third party will do it for me!)

So that’s it.  Answer the question, email it to contests@toeingtherubber.com (no responses left in the comments of the blog or sent to any other email address will be considered) and by tomorrow you and and a friend could be on your way to Opening Day at Fenway.  Simple, right?  So what’s the question?

Here you go:

Since I began blogging, I have often referred to the player who got me interested in baseball.  The one I consider my “all-time” favorite.

Who is he?

That’s it.  Have at it and good luck!  Once again I’d like to thank Tickets for Charity and Narragansett Beer for the great time and very cool prize!

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