Arthur – 1981

It seems 1981 was a pretty good year for movies.  This was the second film in as many nights that I watched that came out in ’81 and it’s another that didn’t seem dated (well, except for some of the clothes) and that kept me entertained all the way through.

The only problem I have ever had with this film is that there are people who look at Dudley Moore’s character and don’t get that he isn’t promoting being a drunk.  (I watched this film with my 88 year-old grandfather who kept saying “See?  He’s a drunk you’d want to be around!”  No, no he isn’t.)

This movie is funny, poignant and well-acted. It made me a bit sadder than usual knowing that both Dudley Moore and John Gielgud are both gone…but it also was one of the few films made that left me happier when it was over.  It’s just a nice, fun movie if you don’t put too much thought into it.

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