Fanboys – 2008

I like road trip movies.  I know it’s an over-done genre, but I enjoy them.  Also, this subject is right up my alley.  The fact that I immediately saw that Seth Rogen’s Star Trek fan character was based on Gabriel Koerner tells you while I’m not really a “Fanboy/girl” I’m definitely a geek.  So I was a little amped to see this one.

It’s fun.  Pretty harmless.  Not a gross-out film and it’s paced right for a movie that’s less than 90 minutes long.  The idea is a good one, the cast is actually quite likable.  I laughed more than I didn’t, so I definitely didn’t feel like it was a waste of time. The cameos were inspired (especially William Shatner and Kevin Smith)  and the Trekkie v Star Wars fans subplot had me in geek heaven.

Chris Marquette as the dying fanboy really stood out in this film and it made me want to see more of his work.  How often does a road trip/slacker comedy make you say that about an actor?

It was funny and a little sad and I really, really liked it.

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