Victim – 2010

Between spoilers and the not safe for work poster of the film…this entire entry is going after the jump.  You’ve been warned.

What to say about this film?  Well, it certainly wasn’t The Human Centipede (a film I stupidly watched even after Daniel Tosh warned me not to) even though the trailer makes you think it will be.  As a matter of fact, the only reason what happens to “The Man” is horrifying is because it gets done to him while he’s being held captive and with little to no anaesthesia.

Being maimed is horrible.  So if the idea of this film was being maimed is  horrible, that’s one thing.  But the idea of the film is, I’m going to do the worst thing I can do to a man and that’s make him a woman.  And, frankly, that’s a shitty message even for a horror film.

Oddly enough, though, this film isn’t all that horrible.  There isn’t a lot of visible gore (what you imagine is far worse than what they put on the screen) and aside from the young leading man screaming like a guy auditioning for the role of “screaming man” and failing, the acting, for this type of film, doesn’t suck.

I’m not sure why I even watched this film.  Heck, there isn’t much about it online (even though it has an IMDB page) and everyone in it is a relative unknown.  But there it was under “Same Day as Theater” On Demand and I couldn’t resist.

I should have resisted.  While this is great brain candy it isn’t worth paying full price for…save your money and wait on it.

It’s 90 minutes long, makes you cringe at all the appropriate points, has a couple of surprises and only has a few small holes.

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